Kelly Helard drug addict in the past: her confidences without filter (EXCLUDED)

Kelly Helard drug addict in the past: her confidences without filter (EXCLUDED)

Kelly Helard delivered like never before. On June 15, 2022, the candidate of Moms & Famous (TFX) has released its first book called All that for my weight! Diary of a lifetime battling the pounds, at Talent Editions. A book in which she reveals in particular to have consumed drugs for many years, to lose weight. After talking about her new marriage to Neymar, she opened up about her old addiction during her interview for Purepeople.

You confide that during your debut in reality TV, in 2011, you suffered the mockery of certain girls from Ch’tis. Did the production ever intervene?

I don’t think the production was aware of that. We were at the very beginning of reality TV. I was offered a shrink at the time but I did not understand why. I said I was fine. The remarks still touched me, that’s why I wanted to lose weight. My harassment was visible on TV but often it happens in the schoolyard in the greatest secrecy. My former best friend’s brother set himself on fire. They made a movie out of it that came out not long ago. Young people can be mean and that can have serious consequences. I fell into drugs. Some go so far as to commit suicide.

To lose weight, you used drugs but also a food supplement banned in France (Clenbuterol). Did your relatives know?

They found out very late. It was my husband who told them to help me out. My mother didn’t realize that. Afterwards, I had already fallen into drugs a little before because of my ex, to stay in a nightclub. It was occasional. But then I really fell into it when I wanted to lose weight. It was morning, noon and evening. I managed to lose a lot but today, when I see the photos of the time, I find myself horrible. I’m not saying it’s the fault of the people who criticized me for my appearance, it was me who fell into it. But maybe if I hadn’t been told ‘you’re fat’ all the time… Fortunately, thanks to my husband, I did well. However, I lost my best friend. She turned her back on me because of that, instead of trying to support me. It was really very hard. It was my only regret. Help your friends if you know something.

Neymar was your click to stop your drug use. Without him, where would you be today?

I do not know. Maybe I would have found another man who would have helped me, maybe I would be 32 kilos… I can’t see my life without him. As soon as I saw him, it was him and no one else. Since then, we’ve been in love for ten years. With ‘if’s, we could remake the world but it happened like that and I assume.

Do you fear the reaction of your children later?

I’m not afraid of their reaction. I prefer that my children know about it, that we talk about it together and that I explain my experience to them. I am very close to them, I want them to tell me everything. They will probably do something stupid, maybe they will try once. It’s not good what I’m going to say but, I’d rather they try once in front of me than behind my back and screw up or something happens to them.

Were there any consequences on your physique?

I was very lucky because I had no consequences. Yet I took it for four years.

You say that in The Sticks, everyone took drugs except for one candidate. Have you had any reactions from them since the publication of the book?

I haven’t had any feedback from them. There wasn’t just one, maybe two or three. We didn’t all take the same thing. For some it was occasional and the production was unaware of anything.

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