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Jean-Luc Reichmann

Jean-Luc Reichmann betrayed by Paul El Kharrat: this betrayal that changed everything…

The celebration of the 12th anniversary of the show “Les 12 coups de midi” went off without a hitch. Jean-Luc Reichmann, the presenter as well as the viewers were satisfied by the event. However, one thing could not have gone unnoticed since the start of the competition. A situation that disappointed TF1 and even the presenter.

Jean Reichmann: The celebration of the 12th anniversary of the “12 Coups de midi” was a success

It’s only been a few days. Many still remember the celebration of 12 years of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show. During this event, we had the opportunity to have two weeks of very tough competitions. In effect, 56 midday masters have competed since Sunday, June 26 for the title of Grand Master of Midi. A real treat for viewers of the TF1 leisure show.

After the two exceptional bounties entitled “The Battle of the Masters”, only two midday champions remained. In particular, Eric and Xavier who faced each other in the final for the title of Grand Master of Noon. Far superior to his opponent, Xavier emerged victorious from the duel. The celebration of the 12th anniversary of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show ended on July 9th.

A former champion refused to participate in the celebration

The celebration was truly a success not only for the presenter Jean-Luc Reichmann but also for the fans of the program. Indeed, more than 3 million viewers were riveted in front of their screen to follow the flagship game of the first channel. An exceptional and unprecedented performance since the broadcast of 12 noon shots.

During the two bonuses, the suspense and emotions were not lacking. The clashes between the candidates were always very tight. Especially during the grand finale where the atmosphere was even livelier with the presence of Keen’V and Amel Bent. However, one thing also caught the attention of viewers during the celebration. In particular the absence of a former champion of Jean-Luc Reichmann.

Jean-Luc Reichmann: Why Paul El Kharrat did not participate in the “Combat of the masters”

Indeed, even if Paul El Kharrat was invited by Jean-Luc Reichmann, he did not participate in the celebration. The one who joined the band of “Big heads” recently did not show up for the competition. According to what Franche Dimanche said, the man just refused the invitation to participate in the “Combat of the masters”. A decision that surprised not only viewers but also the presenter of 12 Coup de midi.

On the reason, it seems that Paul El Kharrat had as a motive his engagement with the “Big heads “. A justification that did not satisfy TF1. Apparently, the former champion of Jean-Luc Reichmann is taken only during one morning per week in the emission of the waves of RTL. This also disappointed the presenter of the program Les 12 Coups de midi. Who knows what might have happened during the “Battle of the Masters” if things had turned out differently.



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