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Charles Barkley et Shaquille O'Neal sur le plateau de TNT

“If you are trans, I love you. The others I f*ck them! »

Since morebear years, NBA players no longer hesitate to get involved in social issues and they want to become more than athletes. On the other hand, there are still some quite taboo subjectswhich makes this statement quite surprising and courageous.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the NBA, and all major American sports as a whole, are fairly macho circles. Women coaches are rare, for example Becky Hammon never had a chance when she was one of Gregg Popovich’s best assistants at Spurs, and there does not seem to be any other credible candidates to bring down this barrier.

And if the big league has a problem with the integration of women on the benches and in decision-making circles, the problem is even more evident in terms of sexuality. In the long history of the NBA, only one player has admitted his homosexuality publicly while still active, Jason Collins. His testimony was particularly courageous, but he did not inspire others to follow his example.

Charles Barkley proclaims his love to the LGBT community

But during a recent visit to a convention, Charles Barkley also tried to move the lines and change mentalities, leaving a sentence of support for the entire LGBT community. He did not take tweezers, to the delight of the spectators. Like what, over time, the NBA microcosm may be able to open up and get involved in all these social issues.

If you are gay or transexual, I love you. And if someone bothers you with that, tell them that Charles Barkley is fucking them!

NBA players proudly take a stand on thorny issues, including race relations across the Atlantic, and Charles Barkley wanted to go further by also speaking about a community often forgotten by top athletes. If the message is quite surprising, it was received with enormous joy in the LGBT community:

Charles Barkley is an unexpected ally

Charles Barkley is always cash, whatever the subject. He decided to commit to the LGBT community, while working in an environment that is not very open to these issues, which is remarkable. Let’s hope he manages to move the lines.



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