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La rumeur archi-humiliante qui a couru sur Russell Westbrook

Huge decision for Russell Westbrook, departure very close?!

Will Russell Westbrook leave the Lakers? A trade is not yet official, but the player has just made a huge decision, since he is no longer with his agent, Thad Foucher. A strong choice in the middle of summer, especially when Foucher explains himself in a press release. The fracture is real.

It’s not the joy currently in the Lakers locker room, with a lot of stories in recent weeks. No official confirmation, but there is water in the gas between Russell Westbrook and LeBron James, present in the Summer League last week. Problem ? While the two men chatted with other people, they never sought to interact with each other (review here). Proof that something is wrong.

Big personal change for Russell Westbrook

The more the days pass, the more the trend is confirmed. Westbrook has just made an extremely strong decision in the middle of the offseason: Adrian Wojnarowski reveals that the leader has just changed agents to everyone’s surprise. It’s never trivial for a player, and always heralds a change in the NBA. So we have to believe that Russ should ask to leave soon.

After 14 years, Lakers star Russell Westbrook and his agent Thad Foucher de Wasserman have gone their separate ways, Foucher tells ESPN.

What’s even more interesting? The reason behind this decision. Foucher, who explained himself to ESPN, confirms that he wants Russ to stay in Los Angeles, to try to bounce back. Obviously, the interested party does not think the same thing.

Foucher spoke of ‘irreconcilable differences’ and hinted that he and Westbrook are no longer on the same page regarding the player’s future, whether he should stay at the Lakers with his final year at 47 million.

Foucher wanted Westbrook to stay at the Lakers, to try to make his place. If he is no longer Brodie’s agent today, we imagine that the latter does not agree. Dan Woike, who works for the LA Times, says Russ hasn’t submitted a trade request so far:

According to Dan Woike, Russell Westbrook never asked for his Lakers trade.

In addition to the rumors of the past few weeks, everything suggests that Russell Westbrook will leave the Lakers. This change of agent is strong, especially since a trade is being discussed with the Nets. No official request for the moment, but it is necessary to prepare for all in the next hours.



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