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Frédéric François

Frédéric François the singer at his worst: this lightning stroke

The death of a loved one is one of the hardest things to accept. The singer Frédéric François knew many losses in his life. He has already experienced the loss of two children as well as the death of a friend he considered a brother.

On Wednesday July 6, he had to be confronted with the disappearance of a close friend. A friend to whom he had a deep attachment. In tribute to Eddy Despretz, Frédéric François wrote a letter that can be found on his official website.

Losing two children on the same day

Frédéric François knew a brilliant career. His successes have earned him the notoriety he has in the world of French music. For Frédéric François, the family is very important. With Monique, his wife of over 50 years, they had four children. They could have had two more if they had not lived the loss of their twins.

The singer and his wife have already lived one of the most painful losses. Following a miscarriage, the couple has lost the little twins they were expecting. Anyone who always wanted to have a big family had to bury two sons on the same day. This drama happened to them a few months before the arrival of their youngest daughter. Frédéric François had claimed that the arrival of Victoria had helped them out of the depression.

Despite this loss, the couple live in happiness with her four children. Last year, one of her children fell ill. Some time later, the famous singer lose a close friend.

Salvatore Pace was more than a friend

Since the start of the pandemic, many people have lost loved ones. In 2021, fans of singer Frédéric François were worried about his health. Some feared that the star of the 70s was suffering from Covid.

Fortunately, the singer had clarified that the virus had not infected him. It was with France Dimanche that he explained that he was “perfectly in shape”. He had just learned during a check-up in the clinic that he was a hypochondriac. Only some time later, two news would sadden the singer.

Frédéric François first learned that his eldest daughter, Gloria, was hospitalized. The Coronavirus would have contaminated the latter who had to be placed in intensive care. Shortly after, the death of one of his friends hit the singer.

It was Salvatore Pace, an “adorable man” who was the conductor of a group of which Frédéric François was a member. According to what the singer had written on his Facebook account on April 10, 2021, Salvatore was the band’s bassist. The two good friends would come from Lercara Friddi in Sicily.

Salvatore would have played on all the first discs by Frederic Francois. For the interpreter of “I have never loved as I love you”, it was more than a friend who left. The disappearance of Salvatore Pace, whom he considered a member of his family, had affected him deeply. This year again, he lost a great friend.

Eddy Despretz, a great man

The number of France Sunday released on Friday July 15 had indicated the death of Eddy Despretz. It was one of the close friends by Frederic Francois. He was also the friend of many music stars such as Enrico Macias, Charles Aznavour, or Dalida.

While Eddy Despretz went to the hospital because of a dermatological infection, a cerebral vascular accident suddenly hit him. This lightning stroke led the music lover to death. A loss that particularly saddened Frédéric François. On July 8, 2022, a letter of homage to Eddy Despretz was published. Frédéric François expressed his sadness at the disappearance of his dear friend.

“Eddy Despretz was an extraordinary man who was adored by all the media,” he wrote.

According to these few lines, the two men would have worked together for a decade TV and radio shows. But also a close collaboration with the written press. He also has talked about their reunion “pleasant and warm” at the Grand Rex event and at the Olympia.

The announcement of this sad news would have broken my heart by Frederic Francois. He continued the letter by offering his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. At the very end, he writes that he will never forget Eddy Despretz. A proof that their friendship was dear to him.



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