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Donovan Mitchell avec le Jazz

First twist for Donovan Mitchell?

For a few days, Donovan Mitchell has been sent to the Knicks, strongly interested in his arrival. The problem is that dislodging the Salt Lake City star will not be easy, especially given the consideration requested by Danny Ainge. New York would have taken a first strong decision, even if that does not mean the end of the negotiations.

A few weeks after Rudy Gobert, now a Wolves player, it’s Donovan Mitchell who finds himself at the center of the rumors. If the rear is still highly appreciated in Utah, the franchise is also aware that its chances of titles are close to zero. Isn’t it better to rebuild in depth? That’s good, it’s a specialty of Danny Ainge, who is negotiating today with the Knicks to part with Spida.

However, giving up an All-Star who isn’t even prime yet is a pretty risky deal. Unsurprisingly, the Jazz is very greedy, perhaps too much for the Knicks, already cited as the favorites to recover the player. The problem is that Ainge is not here to joke. If New York really wants to sign Mitchell for this summer, then the franchise must be prepared to make sacrifices.

Price too high for Donovan Mitchell?

Like Kevin Durant with the Nets, the Spida soap opera should last, and not just a little. It is not impossible to see the player return to the Jazz at the start of the school year, since the Knicks have obviously decided to withdraw from negotiations, at least for the moment. Tony Jones of The Athletic confirms that Utah passed on an insane offer to sell Mitchell, which the other side didn’t like.

It is the RealGM site which reports the remarks:

It is well known that the Knicks would very much like to recover Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. But New York pulled out of the talks after the asking price. Tony Jones confirms that the Jazz passed on a huge offer to sell Mitchell in a trade. The executives wanted six first-round draft picks, in addition to Quentin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin.

Considering the asking price, we can understand the Knicks. The interest obviously exists, but do you have to do anything to sign number 45? Not sure that’s a very good idea. The front office has tried this route in the past with Carmelo Anthony, and we can’t say it went well.

Other information to remember, the absence of RJ Barrett is not a problem. The Knicks have no intention of giving it up, but the Jazz aren’t interested either:

On the Jazz side, the franchise would be disinterested in RJ Barrett in a possible trade. In question ? The fact that Barrett has yet to sign a contract extension.

RJ Barrett isn’t a problem, but that doesn’t mean the deal is done between the Knicks and the Jazz, far from it. The asking price for Donovan Mitchell is far too high, even if it means pushing everyone back a little. His departure is still far from certain.



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