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By spending lavishly, the boss of the Warriors is aware of having "broken the system"

By spending lavishly, the boss of the Warriors is aware of having “broken the system”

“When you love, you don’t count”. Nor when we win. This could be the motto of the Warriors for a few seasons, they who explode their payroll but at the same time come to win the title against Boston.

Except that after a while, you still have to count the greenbacks. Even if the franchise generates a lot of money and earns rings, keeping an eye on the finances will become essential.

The huge salaries of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins weigh down the Warriors, who pay the “luxury tax”. So that last season, the franchise dropped more than 300 million dollars, if we combine the salaries and taxes that go with it!

If this rate is confirmed in the years to come, we will therefore pass the bar of 400, or even 500 million dollars in July 2024…

“These figures are not possible”announces Joe Lacob, the owner of the Warriors, for The Athletic. “It’s not possible, no. We’re not far away, but we can’t afford it unless we increase the price of tickets. What nobody wants. I’m already in trouble with the rest of the NBA, given our situation. The owners are not happy. And it’s not just us, since other teams will pay the luxury tax. We broke the system and it’s not good for the league. She doesn’t want it to multiply. There are limits. I won’t specify them, but they exist. »

“Next summer, to find solutions, it will be difficult”

We know that the Warriors have already taken out the calculator to approach this offseason, by not extending Gary Payton II for example. But it will be even more perilous in 2023. Indeed, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins will be out of contract. The first, who will receive 3.9 million dollars in 2022/2023, will logically want to inflate his salary, when the second, 33.6 million next season, will undoubtedly hope for a nice check too.

“It’s up to Bob Myers to handle that, he’s very good at it,” slips Lacob, evoking the extensions of Wiggins and Poole. “We have time, no need to rush. There will be discussions during the summer. We have until the end of October for Poole. We would like to keep them, but it’s a problem when you have three players who have been with us for a long time and earn a lot of money. »

If the two want contracts worth more than 20-25 million per season and if, in addition, Draymond Green does not activate his “player option” and also becomes free, the Warriors will not have millions for everyone. …

“It will be complicated. I’m not going to lie to the fans. Next summer, to find solutions, it will be difficult. This year, we are good. But next summer, we are going to have some serious problems ahead of us, in terms of salaries. We have to tackle this year after year. »



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