Between clash and cord of CRS, the rappers Booba and Vald did not stop provoking themselves at the Francofolies de La Rochelle

Between clash and cord of CRS, the rappers Booba and Vald did not stop provoking themselves at the Francofolies de La Rochelle

At the Francofolies de la Rochelle, this Friday, July 15, the CRS intervened to avoid any meeting between Booba and Vald. The two rappers have rubbed shoulders since this winter on social networks, against a backdrop of accusations of inflated figures oflistens on music platforms.

The first provocations started with Vald played on the main stage of the Francofolies at 7:45 p.m. Sitting in the back of a truck accompanied by his escort, the rapper took selfies with his fans, behind the big stage, on the way Booba had to take to get there. The festival management encouraged Vald to look elsewhere, which he did. Then, a cordon of about thirty CRS was deployed there to secure the arrival of Booba, who finally arrived more than an hour late on stage (after midnight instead of 11 p.m.).

Around 2 a.m., Vald was back, with his followers, to boo Booba’s van as he left, behind the CRS cordon. The police device made it possible to avoid a remake of the famous general fight in which Booba, and another rival in rap, Kaaris, had been the protagonists at Orly airport in 2018.

Network war

All day Friday, Booba and Vald had been looking for each other on social networks. “Good concert, we want peace, believe me, you don’t want war”, started Booba. “You lose the ball the vioc, it’s you, you promise a slap and (there) you want peace twice in the same tweet, me (I) said nothing, did nothing”replied Vald.

Vald, who celebrated his 30th birthday on stage at the Francofolies – receiving cake with candles during his concert – appeared during his show with around thirty companions around him. “Let’s remember that he’s my first part, huh. You can send your slaves away, we don’t mean you any harm”, Booba quipped on Twitter when he saw the images of all these relatives – some bodybuilders – around Vald. Vald then posted on Instagram a photo of him lying in a deckchair, with his cake, at the foot of the stage, seeming to be waiting for Booba.

Arriving on stage at night, Booba could not help throwing spikes at Vald, mocking the microphone of the people around him. “recruited at Fitness Park” (complex of sports halls). Booba still has the same sense of repartee, also joking about these inhabitants of La Rochelle who attend the Francos concerts from the balconies of their neighboring apartments. “Well, you, on the balconies, you haven’t paid, but you can enjoy it anyway”thus launched the one nicknamed the Duke of Boulogne.

Booba delivered an agreed show, just like Vald before him. And finally, the best concert of this rap night will have been given by the one who was content to do the job, SCH, passed between Vald and Booba. Dressed in a costume mixing bullfighter-mariachi-tango dancer styles, SCH gave the port of La Rochelle the appearance of the Old Port of Marseille, his city.



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