Snoop Dogg et Steph Curry ont pris une photo virale en 2015

A rare photo of Steph Curry with Snoop Dogg resurfaces!

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Stephen Curry is on a small cloud since the title won by the Warriors and he should not come down before the start of the next exercise. His fans are also on fire on social networks, and they have just found a legendary photo of No. 30 with Snoop Dogg.

Stephen Curry is on top of the world following his fourth title with the Warriors, and he has further cemented his place in the pantheon of American sport. According to some specialists, it would even be passed in front of LeBron James in the hierarchy of the best basketball players of all time, and Michael Jordan would now be the only one who could overshadow him.

And the most terrifying thing is that he still has a few years left at the top of his game. If Klay Thompson and Draymond Green remain solid lieutenants, if Jordan Poole, James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga reach their full potential, the Warriors and the Chief could perhaps even go for a final coronation, the fifth, just to dress a whole hand in rings.

Stephen Curry much smaller than Snoop Dogg!

The Chief deserves his place in the history of the league, and what is crazy is that he built his record without obvious physical qualities. Unlike Michael Jordan, who could jump from the ceiling, unlike LeBron James, who is a complete and powerful athlete, the Warriors’ No. 30 is not the fastest, the strongest, or even the tallest. The proof in an old photo that has resurfaced, Steph Curry is much smaller than Snoop Dogg:

In 2015, a few months before his first championship title, Stephen Curry posed with a few legends, without suspecting that he would become one too. From left to right are former MLB prospect Yasiel Puig, Snoop Dogg, and three-time Olympic snowboard champion Sean White. What’s crazy is that the Warriors point guard isn’t necessarily physically impressive, unlike other big names in the NBA.

In any case, he will have the opportunity to redo iconic photos next week, since he will have the honor of presenting the ESPY’s, the biggest ceremony dedicated to sport across the Atlantic:

That Stephen Curry has managed to do in his career with a “normal” physique is absolutely incredible, and that puts into perspective all the behind the scenes work that has gone into getting to this level. He could only rely on his talent and determination.



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