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Pourquoi Charles Barkley refuse d'être jouable dans NBA 2K

Why Charles Barkley refuses to be playable in 2K?

Legendary for his performance and his strong character, Charles Barkley would be a joy to use for any NBA 2K fan. However, and as for several years, Sir Charles was still not playable on the 2022 edition. The 1993 MVP had given the reason for his absence from the video game, and as always or almost, it was cash.

Who among basketball fans has never at least wanted to play a game on NBA 2K ? A true reference in basketball video games, the franchise is a must for any fan of the orange ball and wooden floors. Whether in multiplayer, individual campaign or as a coach of a franchise, there is something for everyone, including an impressive catalog of NBA players: Michael JordanMagic Johnson and pretty much every all-time legend.

However, among the slew of playable icons, one in particular is still missing today: Charles Barkley. The former Sixers and Suns is indeed not available on the latest 2K, 2022 edition included. A real disappointment every year for fans of the former strong winger. Far from being a bug in the game, this is a decision made by the person concerned.

Questioned some time ago on the subject, the Chuckster had delivered a response that was surprising to say the least. Indeed, the Hall of Famer took the opportunity to talk about the negotiations that the video game franchise was conducting behind the scenes:

Charles Barkley : I am often asked this question. 2K makes $300 million, and they pay the guys some loose change for nothing. And I’m like, “No, I’m not doing that.” I said, “Here’s what I’m going to do,” because giving me money doesn’t help anyone. “Give a million dollars to retired old gamers and I’ll be in video games.”

They said to me, “Well, then we’ll pay you the same as we pay the others”, and I said that I’m not like the others. They come and annoy me every year. They call me every year and say, “Hey, have you changed your mind? “. Why the hell do you think I’m gonna change my mind?

More recent update (in July 2022), it would however be very likely that Charles Barkley will finally be available in the 2K23 edition, the league having accepted according to USA Today to pay 115 former ABA players (the ancestor of the NBA) the sum of 24.5 million dollars per year, through a specific program intended for these retired sportsmen in great financial difficulty. A sufficient gesture to encourage the Chuckster to join the video game franchise? It’s a track to consider (just like Reggie Miller for that matter).

In any case, Sir Charles’ initial reasoning was very classy. Known for being a good hothead during his career and for his sometimes crappy statements as an analyst, Barkley is nonetheless someone honest with himself, aware of what he has been able to earn financially in career. Wanting to help retired players instead is a more than honorable decision.

This statement, however, cast a shadow over 2K (and the league more generally). Not wanting to pay retired players as much as those who are active does not necessarily make sense in this case. Indeed, the franchise does not hesitate to provide retro staff in its games, just to be able to play some great teams from the past. The difference between current and retired player then becomes very blurred.

In the end, it is another facet of the character of Charles Barkley that we discovered here. Far from punchlines and impulsive reactions, the NBA legend did not hesitate to commit to retired players. An example to follow… ironic, coming from someone who, according to his own words, is not “a model for young people”.



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