Venezuela condemns John Bolton – La Nouvelle Tribune

Venezuela condemns John Bolton – La Nouvelle Tribune

Commenting on the Capitol storming on Wednesday, the former national security adviser of donald trump John Bolton admitted to having participated in the preparation of coups d’etat abroad. “As someone who has helped plan coups, not here, but in other places, I want to say that this is a huge job” did he declare. The man then spoke about Venezuela indicating that he had written in his memoirs about the political crisis in this country and that his actions there had not been successful. His remarks are strongly criticized on the side of Venezuela, a country which was not in the odor of holiness with the United States of donald trump.

The American billionaire did not hide his antipathy for the strong man of Caracas Nicola Maduro. He had even supported the Leader of the Opposition Juan Guaidó in 2019, believing that the presidential elections that took place in the country in 2018 were undemocratic. On April 30, 2019, Guaidó, Leopoldo Lopez his political mentor and a handful of Venezuelan army officials had gathered outside a military base to demand that the country’s top military officers strip Maduro of his post as president of the republic.

” A psycopath”

The rebellion had been suppressed and Maduro’s power restored. The latter had at the time described this initiative as an attempted coup d’etat carried out “by “the obsessive efforts of the Venezuelan right, the Colombian oligarchy and the American empire”. So when John Bolton claims to have participated in the planning of coups d’etat abroad, Venezuela could not help but condemn such remarks. President of the Venezuelan Parliament jorge rodriguez called the ex-national security adviser a “psychopath” having admitted “an extraordinary feat of effrontery”.

The Venezuelan National Assembly has also voted to condemn Bolton’s comments as a whole. Diosdado Cabelloa former Venezuelan minister also criticized the former US national security adviser. “Despite all the money that Donald Trump gave him he could not carry out the order he received” did he declare. Recall that John Bolton was Trump’s resource person in the management of the constitutional crisis in Venezuela in 2019.



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