two stars between public life and private life

two stars between public life and private life


Pamela Anderson, a young Canadian fitness instructor, was spotted in 1988 in a Vancouver stadium where the camera filming the match landed on the pretty blonde face of the supporter of the football team playing there. At the same time, the viewers who follow the meeting discover the one who will not be long in talking about her.

The magazine Playboy offers him, the following year, the first of a series of 14 covers that the young woman (born in 1967) will make, soon propelled towards the celebrity to which she aspired so much by the series Baywatch (“Alert to Malibu”, 1989-2001), of which she joined the third season, in 1992, fascinating a good billion spectators around the world.

But it’s another type of filming that will make Pam and her husband Tommy Lee, the drummer of the Mötley Crüe group, even more famous: a “sex tape” – which is actually a holiday film where the two lovers frolic in front of their camcorder with just eight minutes of explicit sex.

Stolen by a worker expedited from a construction site by Tommy, the original tape was sold on VHS and then, at the start of the Internet, posted online. Its distribution will live up to the scandal and will make Pamela Anderson “the most downloaded star of all time” as it is said in Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee. Sex, romance and videoby Francois Chaumont.

“The contours of a new world”

We can assume that this documentary, which brings nothing new and particularly clear-sighted on this affair, follows in the footsteps of the return to orbit of the sulphurous escapades of the couple operated by the miniseries Pam & Tommycreated by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, which Disney + offered at the start of the year.

It is certainly recalled how much this case sketched “the contours of a new world” where the separation between private and public life has become blurred as the Internet and social networks have developed. But we remain however with a description of the affair, abounded by archive images (including television interviews where Pamela Anderson turns out to be rather clever and funny) and the remarks of representatives of the people press of the time. To which are added those of Amanda Chicago-Lewis, author, in 2014, of the survey for the magazine RollingStone which will serve as the basis for the scenario of the miniseries Pam & Tommy.

We note, in the commentary, a strong taste for hyperbolic excesses when it is asserted that this affair is the “great avant-garde novel of the end of the XXe century “, or that the couple was a ” alert launcher “. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee. Sex, romance and video is watched without displeasure but this program, produced by ITV France, could also be suitable for C8.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee. Sex, romance and video, documentary by François Chaumont (Fr., 2022, 52 min.). On until September 12.



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