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Tony Parker a donné son avis sur Kevin Durant

Tony Parker speaks cash on Kevin Durant’s trade!

Tony Parker is currently in the United States for the Summer League, and he takes the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest big NBA news. Passing on ESPN, the big boss of ASVEL was questioned about the Kevin Durant file, and he was quite pessimistic for the Nets of his friend Steve Nash.

With the recent news coming out of Villeurbanne and ASVEL, one would have expected Tony Parker to focus solely on his club and recruiting for next season. He has always been clear about his desire to make Lyon-Villeurbanne a European reference, a potential contender for the EuroLeague title, but things have not really gone in this direction in recent weeks.

Indeed, the triple reigning champion of Betclic Elite will have to compose without the prodigy Victor Wembanyama, who has decided to leave the Rhône to find the capital, where he made his professional debut. Similarly, the MVP of the final of the French championship Elie Okobo has packed his bags for the great rival Monaco, and it will be necessary to compensate for this heavy loss in the lead. But no more worried than that, TP spends family time with his brother TJ

Tony Parker pessimistic for the Nets in the KD file

Tony Parker and his brother TJ pitchside for the Summer League.

Passing through Las Vegas to support his brother TJ, who got an assistant job with the Bucks during the Summer League, Tony Parker gave a few interviews, during which he spoke about the state of the league at present . In particular, he dropped a huge tackle at Spurswhich did not please some fans, then he spoke about the Kevin Durant file during a passage on ESPN:

I know Sean Marks well, Steve Nash is a very good friend, so I’m glad you asked me. It’s a complicated situation because no matter what they do, no matter what trade they end up accepting, they can never get back what they had with Kevin Durant. I made it clear to them that I didn’t want to be in their shoes right now.

Because he is very involved in the sports management of ASVEL, Tony Parker probably understands better than anyone what the Nets are currently going through. He is unfortunately quite pessimistic about the situation, since he does not see how Sean Marks will succeed in recovering a consideration equal to the contribution of Kevin Durant on the ground. Like what, he is not the only one to live a complicated summer.

Tony Parker is well versed in the actuality in the NBA, he who remains a lover of the big league despite his role in Europe. Unfortunately, his observation on the situation of Kevin Durant is not encouraging for the Nets and their fans…



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