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Avant son geste, LeBron a pu rejoindre... Steph Curry dans l'histoire ! NBA

The surprising only player to have won 500 games over the last 10 years!

Winning 500 regular season games is not easy, let alone in just ten years. In fact, since 2012, only one player has managed to cross this threshold. He’s not even a star, just a veteran in the right place at the right time.

Being in the NBA for a long time is already a great performance, but winning over time is a special achievement. The big league operates in cycles, which can sometimes be very short depending on the context and the teams. Those who can create a dynasty like the Warriors of Stephen Curry are exceptions, which shows how difficult it is for a franchise to dominate in the long term across the Atlantic.

In some ways, it’s even harder for individual players to rack up wins since they can find themselves traded to a worse roster at any time. A phenomenon that has however never touched Danny Green, at least over the last ten years. The Philadelphia guard is indeed one of the biggest active earners in the orange ball world. To the point where he is the only one to have crossed an ultra-symbolic bar:

Danny Green, huge winner over the last decade

Players with 500 regular season wins over the last ten seasons: Danny Green and that’s it.

The prowess of the person concerned may surprise, especially when you count players like Kevin Durant, Curry or even LeBron James who were imperial over this same period. The difference between the guard and these superstars is that he has never experienced a major physical glitch in ten years. His 62 games in 2021-22 are his lowest mark since 2011! At the same time, the big names mentioned above have all experienced extended periods of absence.

In addition to that, Green had the chance to evolve exclusively in very strong squads. His career took off with Tim Duncan’s Spurs, with whom he won the title in 2014. After that, he had the same success at the Raptors (2019) then the Lakers (2020), before landing at the Sixers who are regularly in the heights of the classification. A sense of impeccable timing, therefore, that internet users did not fail to underline:

He was in the right place at the right time

Wherever he has gone, Danny Green has had great success on the court. What make him a unique player over the last ten years. As for Philly, fans can hope he brings good luck to his current team, which is a three-time champion in three different franchises.



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