The NBA and the WNBA announce the opening of junior leagues

The NBA and the WNBA announce the opening of junior leagues

With each success its quest for stability. A company never wants to be at the top. If she’s at the top, that means she won’t go any higher. A company constantly wants to reach new heights, without ever reaching THE top. And for that, he must prepare for the future. Before being great sports leagues, the NBA and the WNBA are businesses. Companies that have just announced the opening of their own junior leagues.

“I like when a plan goes off without a hitch”. Pepouze in his swimming pool, one hand in the petit fours, the other on the remote control of the tilt of his aquatic chair, Adam Silver continues his expansion plan. After the relocation of certain matches – regular in Paris, pre-season in the United Arab Emirates – the commissionaire is now tackling the youth. It’s all well and good the international, but still it is necessary that the new generations attach as much importance to the NBA as their elders. It is therefore a double-edged sword that the NBA juggernaut deploys: the “Jr. NBA Leagues”. To ” double-edged “ since in addition to smell the new cracks on the national territory, these leagues will allow promotion among the youth. If you are sold a lens early, you will never ask yourself the question of the “why this goal”but rather “how to reach it”. In the middle, we call it the technique of the hook in the cradle. To explain this plan marketingthe NBA uses other words, taken from a deputy lexicon: “The leagues will enhance recreational basketball while bringing the excitement of the NBA and WNBA to young players”. These communicators are strong.

Who are these programs for? For boys and girls from 6 to 14 years old. A date ? From next November. A length ? This launch is probably permanent, so it will take some getting used to that between actions from Steph Curry, LeBron James and Luka Doncic, highlights little shits are creeping into our Twitter news feed. How many of these leagues will see the light of day? Eleven, according to the NBA statement. Which markets are selected? Sacramento, Washington, Boise, Louisville, New Orleans, Kansas City, Omaha, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Seattle. What objectives? “Half a million participants in the first five years”. What relationship will NBA players have with these junior leagues? Will they have marketing obligations, like going to clap the hands of the little brats in front of an enjoyable Adam Silver, who holds the camera? We don’t know yet, but the program of these junior leagues is intended to be inclusive: “The Jr. NBA leagues will strive to provide young people, regardless of socio-economic status, race and gender, with access to the best recreational basketball”. That’s fine, but for us, all we remember is that six-year-old kids are going to be forced to wear Kings jerseys. You haven’t even started your life that you’ve already been put in the way.

For the official trailer of these junior leagues, it’s HERE!

We winnow but we would have loved the concept. There may even be a bit of resentment in this analysis. Of course, the appearance marketing predominates, but the kids will live a waking dream. If we do not yet have information on the selection process, there is no doubt that places will be expensive.



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