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Francis Ngannou a montrΓ© ses talents en basket

Terror at the UFC, Francis Ngannou shows his basketball skills!

@francisngannou / NBA (DR)

Francis Ngannou is a physical monster who destroys everything in his time in the UFC, where he is the current champion of weight heavy… But what is it worth in other sports? On Instagram, he has just unveiled images of him on a basketball court, and the result is quite surprising.

Like almost all Cameroonians, Francis Ngannou, heavyweight champion at the UFC, has a great passion for sport and more particularly football. He was particularly captivated by the course of the Indomitable Lions during the last African Cup of Nations, and he even went there with his belt to encourage his compatriots. The opportunity for him to put on the cleats and show his talent with the ball at his feet.

But it is not the only sport that captivates the most powerful man on the planet, since he also follows the NBA and the career of Joel Embiid, another magnificent representative of Cameroon across the Atlantic. They support each other, the proof with their viral exchange following obtaining the title UFC by the Predator, or the vote of the latter for the Process in the race for the MVP.

Francis Ngannou trains in basketball before his fights!

But by dint of watching his compatriot on the floor, Francis Ngannou also wanted to try his hand at basketball. On Instagram, he has just published a video dating from his last fight, the one so publicized against Ciryl Gane, and a few days before the most important event of his career, he had fun on the ground with his trainer. The mechanics lack confidence, but the result is indisputable.

During his preparation for UFC 260, Francis Ngannou decided to vary his training a bit by incorporating a little basketball and a little American football, which is not necessarily common. But beyond the obvious relaxation aspect, these two sports can bring to a fighter of this level. Basketball works muscle memory and concentration, while US football is perfect for eye-hand coordination, so important in the cage.

But if he won against Ciryl Gane a few days later in the cage, he would have had no chance on a pitch:

Francis Ngannou is not a natural basketball player, it’s pretty obvious on this video, but the most important thing is that he strings together the baskets. And then with a trainer like Joel Embiid, he could make huge progress quite quickly.



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