Summary of Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super - Dragon Ball Super

Summary of Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Ball Super

Summary of Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super

Here is the complete summary of Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super, which we share redon on the Kanzenshuu forum. This 86th chapter entitled ” Full power fight will officially appear on July 20 on the MANGA Plus online reading platform, and on July 21 in the new issue of V-Jump magazine in Japan. If you missed them, the first images of the chapter are already available in our previous article.

Summary of Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super

Title: Full Power Combat

Gas uses telekinesis to strangle Goku and attempt to break his neck.
Goku frees himself by teleporting behind him and tries to hit Gas, but the latter punches him.
Gas tells Goku that every cell in his body is burning with energy and he has never felt like this before.
Gas creates a whirlwind in which he traps Goku, then fires several bursts of energy at Goku which slashes his body.
Elec is happy to see his brother fight like this, Maki tells him that she doesn’t know if it’s okay for Gas to win like this.
Gas creates a giant arm with his powers and hits Goku.
Oil says it looks like Gas has aged, Elec replies that nothing is happening as his power hasn’t diminished.
Goku tells Gas that he should be careful, as the balance between his body and his power has been broken.
Gas creates a giant leg with his powers and hits Goku.
Goku tries to attack him, Gas creates two giant arms.
Before the collision, an attack from Ki hits Goku. Granola is coming.
Elec is surprised that Granola still hates Saiyans, and tells him that if he kills the Saiyans, he will hire him again.
Granola tells Goku that he heard Bardock’s voice in his dream, and tells him what he is about to do.
Granola begins charging her Ki into her hands. Goku tells him that he will buy him some time until Granola’s attack is ready.
Goku blocks Gas’ giant fists and manages to hit him in the stomach. Gas creates two giant feet and stomps Goku to the ground.
Gas notices Granola and sends an attack, but Goku protects him with a protective field.
Gas launches several attacks on Goku until the latter loses consciousness.
Gas is exhausted, but finally ready to kill Granola. However, Vegeta comes in and headbutts Gas.
Vegeta yells at Granola to hurry up and finish his attack.
Oil and Maki race to help Gas, but Monite appears between them and puts them to sleep through hypnosis.
Granola finishes preparing for his attack, and Vegeta holds Gas back so he doesn’t fail.
Gas frees himself and rushes at Granola. Goku wakes up and creates a giant body like during the fight against Moro.
Goku grabs Gas and throws him off the planet.
Granola tries to target Gas, but he can’t due to his eye damage.
But Oatmil helps him and he manages to throw a huge ball of Ki on Gas.
Gas falls to the ground, Oil and Maki come to help him. Granola didn’t kill him, he doesn’t want anyone’s revenge on anyone anymore.
Granola tells them to get it back and never come back.
Goku and Vegeta join Granola, who apologizes to them.
The chapter ends with Gas on the ground, it looks like he is finally defeated.

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese animated series produced by the Toei Animation studio that aired from July 5, 2015 to March 25, 2018 on the Japanese channel Fuji TV, and since January 17, 2017 on Toonami in French. The series picks up some time after Majin Buu’s defeat, beginning by reshooting the films that were released in theaters in 2013 and 2015, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’ before going on of the unprecedented. Dragon Ball Super is also adapted into manga, drawn by Toyotaro and pre-published since June 20, 2015 in V-Jump magazine in Japan. A first Dragon Ball Super movie titled Broly was released on December 14, 2018 in Japan and March 13, 2019 in France. The second “Super Hero” movie was released on June 11, 2022 in Japan.



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