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Joel Embiid et James Harden après une victoire sur les Clippers

James Harden’s chilling message to the rest of the league!

Very disappointing in the playoffs despite the strong expectations around the Sixers, James Harden knows he will have to catch up next season. He’s doing everything to get his feelings back this summer, and after weeks of hard training, he’s decided to send a chilling message to the rest of the league.

James Harden knows it, his best years will soon be behind him, so he must do everything to win during his time at the Sixers, with a teammate of the caliber of Joel Embiid by his side. For that he will have to make sacrifices, but not necessarily in terms of parties and parties, he who was seen in a nightclub with Drake, Meek Mill and some teammates the last days.

In parallel with these moments of relaxation and pleasure, the Barbu works a lot this summer, the proof, he displayed sharply on social networks after a session with the man who made him the machine he was in Houston. Harden decided to return to the old formulas with the hope of once again becoming the dominant player that no one could stop on offense.

James Harden announces his return to the top of his game

It is also a goal that he has just announced clearly and which could explode in his face in the event of a bad season. During an interview for the magazine High Time, of which he is on the cover of the last issue, the Barbu explained how he sees his summer and how he is approaching his preparation for next season. The message is clear for the rest of the league: he’s back!

I had the privilege of never having a serious injury or major operation during my career. But for the past two years I’ve had to deal with hamstring issues, and that’s not something to joke about. For me this summer is an opportunity to do myself a favour, to work to regain the elite level that I am capable of having and that I will have when I resume.

Since the 2021 playoffs, James Harden has had to deal with painful hamstrings, which radically changes his game on the field. Whether in Brooklyn or Philadelphia, the Bearded was much less explosive, and therefore much less effective offensively, where he struggled to create his own shot. If he manages to get past those glitches, he could regain an elite level, and he’s working for young Tyrese Maxey.

James Harden wants to get back to the top, and he feels capable of doing so after a studious and diligent summer. Finally freed from his muscular worries, he could regain all the explosiveness that made him successful when he was in Houston.



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