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Les légendes NBA Shaquille O'Neal et Charles Barkley s'en sont violemment pris à une franchise de la ligue en grosse difficulté ces temps-ci

How Shaq will soon make tons of money on the back of Charles Barkley!

Shaquille O’Neal is a businessman aggressive who stops at nothing when it comes to investing his money. The proof, he has embarked on an XXL project in a huge region of the United States, and he will totally take advantage of it to make millions on the back of his friend Charles Barkley.

Shaquille O’Neal is not only one of the best players in NBA history, the most physically dominant center, he is also one of the most financially aggressive investors. The Diesel may have raised nearly $ 300 million during his career, enough to live comfortably over several generations, he is still looking for ways to grow his fortune.

For example, this summer, he decided to embark on a major tour of nightclubs and festivals, under the name of DJ Diesel, and he should receive a handsome check for each of his appearances. This Thursday, for example, he was in Croatia with Luka Doncic for a memorable party. They invented a simple choreographybut which could quickly become viral on social networks.

Shaquille O’Neal invents the Charles Barkley burger!

If he knows how to combine pleasure and work, the Shaq can also shine in a more traditional business role. The proof, he has just made a huge decision, since he should open more than 50 restaurants in Texas over the next few months. And to ensure a colossal success, he decided to involve Charles Barkley… without his knowledge. The Hall of Famer is going to name a brand new sandwich after him! The website SportsRush Explain :

Shaquille O’Neal has a huge project: he plans to open more than 50 restaurants in Texas, including the first in 2023 in Dallas. He has also thought about unique names for the dishes of his future establishments. For example, there will be the MDE, the “Most Dominant Ever”, in reference to his nickname. It’s a fried chicken burger, with a special Shaq sauce.

For the biggest appetites, customers can enjoy the Charles Barkley burger. It will be the biggest dish on the menu, with a bit of Mac and Cheese, fried chicken, candied onions and aioli. The General Manager of the Big Chicken restaurant chain described the flagship product perfectly: “This burger will be as big and quirky as Charles Barkley himself. »

Shaquille O’Neal will be the head of more than 50 “Big Chicken” restaurants in Texas, in which he will offer the most disrespectful burger in the history of fast food, the “Charles Barkley”, a mocking wink to the imposing stature of his colleague. Hopefully the latter will be able to enjoy them for free and that he will like the taste of this dish. It would be small consolation in the face of friendly humiliation.

Shaquille O’Neal has managed to mix two things close to his heart: business and humor. The customers of the Big Burger texans go to treat themselves by devouring an enormous Charles Barkley, the biggest burger on the menu.



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