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here is what awaits you

here is what awaits you

This week from July 11 to 17, 2022, we have a major astral event. The Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn arrives this Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Its energy will speak directly to our consciousness.

According to astrology, Capricorn is a very realistic earth sign. Its ruling planet Saturn, being, in retrograde, this lunation is ideal for creating and building with a precise intention, a goal. Implement your knowledge and activate your energy to accomplish what you want to achieve.

This week, it will be very important to listen to your own values ​​and convictions so as not to give in to pressure from others and from society.

Have a nice week under the blue sky! Here is your weekly horoscope, sign by sign.

Horoscope for the week from July 11 to 17, 2022: love, health, work…


Your energy will be heightened by Jupiter in your sign which will be highly aspected before and after the Full Moon. Use this extra energy to work on balancing the relationship between work and family life this week.


This week, your ruling planet, Venus will be a little distressed by the Moon and Neptune. It will be a time of doubts in the realm of love. If your heart speaks, listen to it, because it alone has the answer to your questions.


This week will be important in terms of your finances. It’s time to adjust this area of ​​your life and apply the knowledge you’ve gained over time and experience. Staying in an obsolete system will not bring you much!


Your need for protection will be opposed to your desire to succeed this week. It is not a question of doing violence to you, but it would be nice to see you flourish. Only by taking risks will you be able to do so. Be brave !


You are not rigorous enough right now with your health. It will be appropriate for your well-being to focus on this this week. Do whatever it takes to avoid getting into trouble in the future. Mens sana in corpore sano.


Right now, your emotions are isolating you from others. It’s not a good thing, and the best way to regain morale is to be well surrounded. A friend will make you see that life is good this week.


A friendly or professional emotional relationship can take a romantic turn, and you can feel it coming. Be fair and balanced and ask yourself how you really feel about this person. It would be unfortunate to break a beautiful bond for a brief passion.


This week, you will feel an urge to achieve spiritual goals. You have been looking for inner well-being for a long time and your mind is preventing you from achieving it. We recommend transcendental meditation to get rid of parasitic thoughts this week.


If you’ve been too focused on yourself and your problems lately, it’s time to change that. Helping others will renew your ideas a little and give you new perspectives to solve your own affairs in a more detached way.


The pressure you feel to succeed is sometimes too strong and it prevents you from listening to your emotions and true desires. Take advantage of this week to connect with your little inner voice that will tell you where to go.


If you feel disturbed this week. This is completely normal, your desire to connect with yourself is torn by your intellect which demands to be reasonable and to follow the rules. Thanks to Neptune, break away from mandates for once and feel free this week.


This moment is very important for your self-expression. You are underwater with responsibilities, but even so, you will find a way to be creative and express your essence. You will succeed in magnifying your way of seeing life and that is priceless!

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