Deshaun Watson case: an agreement between the victims and the Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson case: an agreement between the victims and the Houston Texans

The plaintiff and the Houston Texans reached a settlement in the sexual assault and sexual misconduct case involving NFL player Deshaun Watson on Friday.

Details of the agreements reached between the Texans and each of the alleged victims are confidential, said attorney Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee, who represents 30 women and alleged victims, wrote a letter about it:

“Today, each of the women who sued the Houston Texans organization or intended to do so have reached an agreement,” Buzbee said, noting however that the four civil lawsuits against the person of Watson are still under review. He hopes they can be dealt with in court in the spring.

“I will not comment further on the Texans’ alleged involvement in this matter.

“As previously reported, only one of the women had officially started a lawsuit. This lawsuit in particular will no longer be admissible once the settlement documents are completed,” added Buzbee.

Twenty-four women allege in separate lawsuits that Watson stripped naked in front of them, touched them with his penis and kissed them without their consent during massage sessions while playing for the Texans. One of the alleged victims even alleges that Watson forced her to perform oral sex on him. Last month, Buzbee announced that 20 of the 24 lawsuits had been settled out of court.

“It takes tremendous courage for a victim of sexual misconduct to speak up. It is even more so when the presumed culprit is famous, rich and powerful. This case started with a phone call from a strong and courageous woman: Ashley Solis. Thanks to his willingness to speak, others followed suit. I admire Ashley Solis and other women who have found the courage to speak out. I hope their bravery will serve as an example to others who have been victims of this kind of misconduct. Every story has its hero; the heroines of this one are Ashley Solis and the other women who have shown their strength in the face of criticism and ridicule. »

Watson, who was traded to the Cleveland Browns, denied all the allegations and vowed he would restore his reputation. Watson could still be sanctioned by the NFL in connection with these allegations.



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