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Death of Charlotte Valandrey: who is the man who transmitted HIV to her?

Death of Charlotte Valandrey: who is the man who transmitted HIV to her?

She has never revealed her identity other than as “a gothic prince”, Charlotte Valandrey loved at 17, before discovering her HIV status and many years later, to forgive.

The history and journey of Charlotte Valandrey are intimately linked to her contamination with HIV from the actress, when she was only 17 years old. Never during the whole of her life, she revealed the identity of the one who transmitted the virus to her, speaking of him as of a “gothic prince”, member of a famous rock band.

Charlotte Valandrey “I didn’t forgive her in five minutes”

She had just been revealed by “Red Kiss” when she discovered her HIV status. Opening up to the director of “Noces Blanches”, she will be excluded from the project. The one to whom a fate was predicted à la Sophie Marceau eventually pursued his career in television, and this was no doubt influenced by his illness, which was however invisible. So inevitably we can wonder about the one who was at the origin of this “exceptional” situation. In 2005, she released an autobiography “Love in the Blood” in which she evokes this triggering event. Questioned by the Express she will say “I was contaminated by loving: it’s not a fault. I’m not guilty of having aroused desire, not guilty of having sought love too early. Guilty of nothing!” without revealing the identity of the person who infected it “I will never say who he was, she declared to France Sunday, I would have problems“. However, she confided that she did not have “forgiven in five minutes, but over time I had no choice but to forgive him.” on the antenna of France Info.

If for years she did not wish to speak publicly about her illness,the birth of her daughter changed the situation. Although the first year at his side was difficult for Charlotte Valandreywho was constantly afraid that little Tara would fall ill, or be contaminated, she later admitted that she had chosen to reveal her illness to the general public for her daughter. “It frees me. (…) I spent too long doing my blood tests alone, monitoring my life expectancy alone (…) I was thinking of my 5-year-old daughter: what if we bothered at school? I can only rebuild myself by telling the truth.” she had explained to the Express. Only the “Gothic prince” will have escaped this quest for truth.


2/12 –

Charlotte Valandrey has always continued to work
Despite illness and transplant, she led a career as an actress with Tomorrow belongs to us and Cordier, judges and cops


3/12 –

Charlotte Valandrey told her story in a bestseller
“Love in the blood” has never revealed the name of the man who transmitted the virus to him

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4/12 –

Charlotte Valandrey has released several books which have all met with success
His exceptional career fascinated the public

© Bruno Bébert

5/12 –

With the whole team of “Tomorrow belongs to us” Charlotte Valandrey has recreated a small family
Everyone mourns the actress today

© Denis Guignebourg

6/12 –

From 2017 to 2019, Charlotte Valandrey embodied a key character in the series
In “Tomorrow belongs to us” she played the role of a judge.

© Bruno Bébert

7/12 –

Charlotte Valandrey had a magnetic beauty
She fascinated by her charisma and her fighting spirit


8/12 –

For her 50th birthday, the actress offered herself a stage
She had all the talent


9/12 –

His 50th birthday was celebrated with his friends on stage in 2018
Writer, actress and singer


10/12 –

She also had new projects in music
Nothing stopped this woman so courageous and combative


11/12 –

Charlotte Valandrey loved art, live performance
She always answered present for these events


12/12 –

His second heart transplant will not have worked
Her big heart had endured enough



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