Candice Parise recounts behind the scenes of her July 14 performance

Candice Parise recounts behind the scenes of her July 14 performance

Candice Parise, revealed by her performance during the July 14 ceremonies on the Place de la Concorde, was on the BFMV set this Friday.

“My heart was beating at 100 an hour that day”. Invited this Friday on the BFMTV set, Candice Parise, who sang yesterday on the sidelines of the July 14 parade, tells the backstage of the event, alongside Julien, Voisin, head of the Paris fire brigade orchestra.

It all started on February 22, “at 6:22 p.m., precisely,” remembers Candice Parise. “Julien called me to tell me ‘it’s good, it’s validated’. My heart beat at 100 an hour that day. For any artist, it’s something incredible to live. I have not yet come down from my little cloud. It was really a magical moment, “enthuses Candice Parise again.

“I felt extremely proud and honored to have been able to sing The Marseillaise. At that time, I was all the women of France”, confides Candice Parise.

“Enjoy every second”

The singer explains that she tried to “enjoy every second”, without fearing possible false notes. “I said to myself ‘it is absolutely necessary that you benefit, that you have fun’. (…) I tried not to stress too much”.

If she managed to free herself from the pressure, Candice Parise realized the extent of her role at a very specific moment. “Where I realized was when I don’t sing during the Marseillaise. I said to myself: ‘you are in the Place de la Concorde, with the president, standing in front of you!’ unbelievable!”.

This performance is the culmination of several months of preparation and an intense week of rehearsal.

“I had an absolutely crazy week of rehearsals, with impossible schedules”, evokes the young singer who confides that she is not “used to singing at 6 in the morning”. “This military environment was a great discovery,” she adds. “Passionate and exciting people, who were very caring”, throughout these rehearsals with the orchestra of firefighters.

“An original creation”

The idea was to offer an original musical picture, mixing tributes and new composition. “The theme of this finale was not to do covers, but to do original things”, details Julien Voisin. It was he who offered to call on Candice Parise, when he was contacted for the event.

Candice Parise has been performing with the firefighters for 4 years now. Since she crossed their path in 2018.

“I had the chance to meet Staff Sergeant Julien Voisin. I have been an ambassador for an association called audition solidaire for several years. And one day, I was offered to go and meet the brigade [des pompiers de Paris] for a prevention session. Since then, we’ve been working together for a little over 4 years.”

“One thing led to another, we did a performance together, then a second … and we meet today at the July 14 parade for this final animation”, adds Julien Voisin.



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