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Breakfast: Mitchell Schwartz hangs up his cleats, an alternative white helmet for the Bengals

Breakfast: Mitchell Schwartz hangs up his cleats, an alternative white helmet for the Bengals

Mitchell Schwartz announces his retirement

Essential piece of the Chiefs during the 2019 title, Mitchell Schwartz (OT) officially ended his career at the age of 33. The player announced his decision himself by posting a statement on his social media. Selected by the Browns in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft, he spent four seasons on the shores of Lake Erie, before settling in Kansas City in March 2016. Since his arrival in the league, he had not missed a single match until his back injury which occurred in the 6th week of the 2020 season. Released in March of last year, he has not found a new base and is gradually starting to regain his physical abilities.

“It’s been almost two years since I hurt my back,” Schwartz wrote in his statement. “I had surgery last February and have been doing rehabilitation ever since. I currently feel as good as I have been, but it is clear that my body will never be the same again. Nerve pain in the legs is no longer a daily occurrence, but it may never completely go away. »

“Winning the Super Bowl was the pinnacle of my career. My streak of 7,984 consecutive snaps and my four All-Pro nominations are my individual accomplishments of which I am most proud, far exceeding my own expectations. »

A former California Golden Bear, Schwartz was named to the 2nd Team All-Pro in 2016, 2017 and 2019 with Kansas City and to the 1st Team in 2018. He earned a championship ring when the Chiefs beat the 49ers at the Super Bowl LIV.

The Bengals will have a white alternative helmet as early as 2022

The Bengals will be adding a second helmet to their kit next season and it will be white. On Thursday morning, the team posted a video teasing the new “White Bengal” look, without saying more. Details regarding the design, release date and matches where it will be worn have yet to be released.

Von Miller: ‘If the Bills don’t win the Super Bowl, I want the Broncos to win it’

Back in the Denver area last Monday for an event to promote his foundation, Von’s Vision, Von Miller (EDGE, Bills) always keeps the Broncos in his heart and wishes the best to his very first team whatever happens.

“Even though I don’t wear orange and blue, I still have orange and blue in my heart,” Miller said at the event, via KMGH-TV. “This is where it all started. It’s my house. It will always be my home.”

“I will always be a Denver Broncos fan. If the Bills don’t win it [le Super Bowl], then I want the Broncos to win it. It will always be like this. »

No, Rob Gronkowski hasn’t forgotten the Patriots

Rob Gronkowski shared a post on social media to announce his retirement on June 21. A publication in which he never mentioned the Patriots, where he played during his first 9 seasons, and which did not fail to react at the time. Present at a promotional event for the company of his brother Chris, the former player spoke about it and finds that all this is exaggerated.

“I think that’s a bit of a stretch,” Gronkowski told NESN.com. “I mean, I kind of did when, you know, my first retirement. »

“There is no doubt that I love New England. I love all the fans here in New England. There is no doubt. But I felt that this talk or whatever, when and where I did it for the first one was great, and I was just giving it for this retreat of the two years that I had in Tampa. But I think that might have been a bit overkill. But I love New England, I love everything that happens there.

Scott Fitterer (GM, Panthers): “Matt Corral will have the chance to learn at his own pace”

When selecting Matt Corral (QB) at 3e round of the last draft, many imagined that he could have seen his chance at some point in the season. But with the recent arrival of Baker Mayfield, the rookie now seems destined for a role of 3e quarterback. According to general manager Scott Fitterer, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This will give the young man the opportunity to learn and digest the transition to the professional world.

“The only good thing for Matt[Corral]is that there is a transition between the college attack that he has known and an NFL attack, in particular the attack of [Ben] McAdoo, where there are a lot of terms to be spelled out,” Fitterer said, via the team’s website. “It will give him the chance to learn at his own pace, to learn from two veterans in this room, Sam [Darnold] and Baker, and to have PJ [Walker] with them too.

“And when it’s time for him to go out there and play, he can go out there and win that job if he’s ready. But it’s up to him to learn and play well when he gets there. For now, we are focused on upgrading all of our quarterbacks so that we can play quality football in that position. »

Justin Reid (S, Chiefs) very confident for his attack

As a member of the Texans, Justin Reid (S) repeatedly faced the Chiefs offense where the main threat was called Tyreek Hill. Landed last March, at the same time as the receiver took the direction of Florida and the Dolphins, he was able to rub shoulders with the offensive squad and see how it was preparing to fill this departure. It doesn’t really worry him. During an appearance on NFL Network, the safety said he doesn’t think the team will be any less effective, quite the contrary.

“The Chiefs offense is going to do what it always does. We’re going out, we’re going to put in 100 points,” Reid said. “We have the best quarterback. The top three, in no particular order, although I’m sure you can guess who my number one is: Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers. And when you have a quarterback, an offensive system, a coordinator who is able to mix things up all the time, you’re always going to score points. We will combine this with good football at all levels. Attack, defense and special teams complement each other, and we are going to win games. We’re in the toughest division in the NFL, it’s no secret. There will be fireworks every time someone plays and you will want to see that. »

Brett Favre implicated in a massive fraud case in Mississippi?

Brett Favre will he find himself embroiled in the middle of a welfare fraud scandal in Mississippi? According to the Associated Press, one of the people who pleaded guilty to criminal charges stemming from a multi-million dollar scam blamed the former three-time league MVP. In a court deposition, the defendant claimed to have paid $1.1 million to Favre for alleged interventions, at the request of former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. An allegation denied by Bryant.

A total of $77 million in social funds was misappropriated in this case. The Mississippi State Auditor demanded reimbursement of the sum. Favre denied getting paid for work he didn’t do, but ended up paying the money back and was even sued earlier this year for failing to pay interest.


Signatures: Malik Jefferson (LB, Cowboys), DeJuan Neal (DB, Commanders), Channing Stribling (CB, Commanders)

Cups: JaQuan Hardy (RB, Cowboys), Nijuel Hill (CB, Commanders), Devin Taylor (CB, Commanders)


. The Jaguars announced promotions within their front office. Chad Johnson becomes chief operating officer and Mark Sirota, senior vice president of business planning and chief financial officer. The team also named John Dever as the new senior vice president and director of team communications.

. Mike Wiley Jr. was hired as director of player development and mental skills. According to the press release from Bears announcing the appointment, Wiley will report directly to general manager Ryan Poles.

Lamar Jackson and Bernard Pollard clash on Twitter

It is high time for training camps and football to resume. lamar jacksonthe Ravens quarterback, and Bernard Pollard, the former safety of the house, have embarked on a heated debate of which only Twitter has the secret. The hostilities were kicked off by Pollard, who spoke on ESPN’s talking point of the week: Is Lamar Jackson a top 10 quarterback?

Bernard Pollard: “He has the talent to be in the Top 10, but I don’t see him as a Top 10 QB. I think he should be paid by the Ravens and he should receive the maximum amount of dollars! »

BP: “No top receiver will ever come here as long as LJ [Lamar Jackson] is here. Plenty of receivers were available in the offseason while LJ started, but no one wants to go there. They give him respect, but they don’t want to play with him. LJ is good but he is not able to make the throws. »

Lamar Jackson: “You look stupid as hell”.

BP: “We will wait and see if one of them signs. »

And neither was willing to give up, each attacking the other on their skills and career “feats” in a never-ending exchange.

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