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Booba and Vald will meet today, the inevitable physical altercation?

Booba and Vald will meet today, the inevitable physical altercation?

The first face to face between Vald and Booba since the beginning of their clash on the web will take place tonight, it could be very hot. The organizers of the Francofolies festival, the concert program this Friday, will have to manage the arrival of the rapper from Aulnay and the author of Ultra because the situation promises to be under high tension if they meet behind the scenes of the event. which the director doesn’t care about.

The very risky choice of bringing together Booba er Vald does not worry the organization

The last time Booba had met one of his rivals it had ended badly! Indeed in August 2018, the former member of the Lunatic group had crossed paths at Orly Kaaris airport and a fight had taken place between the two singers. This time the organizers of the Francofolies are warned that a possible altercation breaks out between the two rappers because they raised the temperature before the festival.

Indeed following their conflict that began in February Booba had promised Vald to slap him like Will Smith against Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony if he meets him. The dispute between the two rappers took place following the delay of the announcement of the sales of the SNEP album “V” before the figure of 74,000 sales in one week of exploitation was revealed. The interpreter of Boubli protested against this score claiming that the artist of 93 cheated, such a figure is impossible to achieve without a tube on the project according to him but the V was justified before a clash does not begin on the networks.

An inevitable fight in the event of a confrontation?

Booba made an appointment with Vald this Friday, July 15 at the Francofolies festival because they both appear in the program in the evening on the Jean-Louis Foulquier stage just like SCH and Ziak. B2O will even be surrounded by its 92i team with Green Montana, JSX, SDM, Bilton, Sicario, Elia, Gato and Dala. The physical encounter between the two rivals is likely to be very eventful. “Are you ready for the Francos? I saw that you are trying to get me to cancel the event? But why? I’m not going to hit you I just want to discuss eyyyy! Can we talk more? We talk to each other, we shake hands and we close the file. Are you coming with Roger? » had warned the DUC a few weeks ago while ensuring that the staff of the author of Agartha is trying to have him deprogrammed from the event.

Vald had not responded to Booba’s recent remarks, but he reignited hostilities during a recent appearance on stage at the MainSquare Festival in Arras by insulting the latter’s mother. “Ni*ue the mother to Booba” he swung in front of his audience in the middle of a concert. ” What do you want me to do ? We planned German shepherds, barbed wire and watchtowers. No, but beyond the joke, it’s hard to answer that. I don’t know what will happen. » commented with humor the director of the Francofolies, Gérard Pont on the local television of La Rochelle, Aunis TV about a possible brawl.




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