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Chicago et le lac Michigan

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Back to the information and other announcements that have marked the world of tourism and travel in recent days. A selection – entirely subjective – of the main ones in this field…

1 – End of the mandatory anti-Covid test for travelers arriving by plane in the United States
Even if we note rebounds of the pandemic here and there with certain new variants, more and more countries are reducing their health obligations for access to their territory. This is the case for the USA, which has just abolished the need to take a Covid screening test before going there.

2 – Heavier penalties for incivility on board aircraft
Faced with violent passengers and others who remain a problem on board planes, French legislation should soon prove to be more severe with new measures.

3 – Due to budget, 50% of French people could revise their vacation plans downwards
If 80% want to take a vacation this summer, three-quarters of which in France, the French are also worried about their budget. To this end, 40% of them say that they could change their plans for a question of money and at the same time revise their desires downwards.

4 – Connected Google glasses capable of translating conversationss
We remember the Google Glass ten years ago which did not necessarily work very well at the time. Today Google is doing it again with new connected glasses capable of translating a conversation in real time. As of now, no public release date has been announced.

5 – What the pandemic has changed for French travel agencies
Even if the tourism sector is off to a good start, the fact remains that the Covid will have left its mark in many areas, sometimes involving certain changes. In tourism, the needs and desires of customers have evolved with quite logically a stronger demand for health information and not just Covid. On the other hand, more and more people are expecting more flexibility from professionals regarding the possibilities of canceling or modifying trips.

6 – 2% sustainable fuel for air transport in Europe from 2025
From 2025 the European Union will oblige airlines to use 2% renewable fuel for their flights. A percentage that will then gradually increase until it reaches 5% in 2030, 20% in 2035 and 63% in 2050.

7 – Euros for Croatia
That’s it, it’s decided or almost. When it joined the European Union in 2013, Croatia had put forward the idea that its currency could be the euro. Nine years later, the European Commission and the ECB (European Central Bank) have just estimated that the country now presents all the conditions for this choice to be effective on January 1, 2023.

8 – “Augmented reality” on your plate
Among the use of “augmented reality”, there are sometimes surprising things. Thus, it could soon be on our plates with the presentation made to customers of dishes and other menus in this way.

9 – End of the embargo of US flights on Cuba
It’s a (good) throwback to before the Trump era. Flights between the United States and Cuba will be able to resume on a larger scale, as will local travel opportunities for American nationals. These decisions are part of a larger package affecting different areas made recently by the Biden administration.

10 – The remains of a vanished civilization discovered in the Amazon
It is in the Bolivian Amazon that the remains of an unknown civilization that would have occupied the area three millennia ago have just been discovered.

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