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Adam Silver 6 mai 2021

Adam Silver hopes to see 18-year-olds in NBA ‘within two years’

At the end of the annual meeting of the NBA board, Adam Silver once again showed himself in favor of lowering the age limit for entering the League. The subject often comes up on the carpet and is debated, but we are slowly approaching the validation of this reform, which could take place in the next two years.

This is a subject that comes up almost every season among possible reforms in the NBA. Introduced in 2005, the 19-year-old age limit for entering the Great League could soon be lowered to 18. In any case, this is the trend that has been emerging for quite some time, and which seems to be gaining ground in the higher authorities.. Favorable to this change for several years, the boss of the NBA, Adam Silver, took advantage of the annual conference of the board of the League to put the subject of this reform on the table. During the press conference that followed these meetings, the Commissioner spoke about the progress of the discussions on this subject.

“I think there is a possibility. […] When I weigh the various considerations, I think that would be the right thing to do. And I hope that this change will take place in the next round of collective bargaining, which will take place in the next two years. –Adam Silver

After confirmation of the long-term establishment of the play in tournament and the new rule to prevent cutting counterattacks, Silver continues his work to adapt the NBA to his time. Franchises today invest a lot in the development and support of prospects, he believes that the conditions to allow young players to arrive in the NBA right out of high school are now in place. With players more often “NBA ready” coming out of high school than 15 years ago, the benefits would be numerous. It would also be a way to counter the alternatives to the American training system, as more and more young people go to Europe or Australia to prepare.. The internationalization of the league at two speeds, Adam Silver knows well. However, this reform is still not unanimous in the NBA since it would mechanically increase the number of players in the League, at the risk of strengthening already significant competition to scratch a place in the rosters. With this speech of the commissionaire, the tendency of the lowering of the age of entry is however more and more strong. It will therefore be necessary to prepare for it, knowing that the arrival in the NBA at 18 years old has not prevented guys like LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady, from laying quite nice careers.

After several years of debate, the lowering of the minimum age of entry into the NBA from 19 to 18 years old is approaching. Adam Silver validates, the authorities are discussing it and a reform could materialize in the next two years. A change intended to adapt to current developments but which could also upset a lot of things in the arrival and development of rookies within the League.

Source: ESPN, NBC Sports



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