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NBA Stephen Curry aux Warriors

A photo of Steph Curry creates controversy, he is massacred!

He may be one of the best all-time players, Stephen Curry is clearly not appreciated by everyone. Following the publication of a montage showing him and Michael Jordan, the Warriors franchise player also had the right to a wild blowback.

2021-22 will have done a lot of good for the legacy of Stephen Curry, although the Golden State point guard hasn’t had too much to complain about so far. As well as winning his fourth league title, the superstar also snatched his first Finals MVP, the last big trophy he has been missing in his career. With all these achievements, the best shooter in history is definitely part of the Top 10 all-time, if not more according to some.

Between his track record and the way he can sometimes dominate his opponents without forcing, his fanbase does not hesitate to compare him to someone like Michael Jordan, for example. A user even added a layer on the subject recently, with a tweet that quickly went viral. We see Baby Face and the legend of the Bulls in action, when attacking the circle. Both are in a similar position, surrounded by almost all of the opposing defense:

A comparison between Curry and Jordan angers fans

The resemblance between the two actions is indeed uncanny, but fan reactions haven’t been particularly favorable to the Chef. Indeed, despite his exploits on the courts, he has a lot of detractors. Add to that His Airness worshippers, and you have a crowd of supporters who are very unappreciative of the tweet. As a result, #30 got some particularly scathing comments:

Never mention Stephen Curry in the same sentence as Michael Jordan again.

I hope to never see such a comparison again…

Stephen Curry is an orange ball legend, but putting him on the same level as Michael Jordan? Many people refuse it, and this is apparently also the case when it comes to even comparing their moves.



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