Who was Charlotte Valandrey, the actress who died at the age of 53?  “A twig with a warrior temperament”

Who was Charlotte Valandrey, the actress who died at the age of 53? “A twig with a warrior temperament”

“My ordeals taught me to be afraid of death,” she confided to L’Express one day. “Or more exactly to be afraid that life will stop. She took on such a flavor for me.”

Fate caught up with her at 53. His second heart also fails. “Waiting for my 3rd,” she wrote on Instagram on June 8. With a humor tinged with weariness: “I need all your positive vibes. Because the Warrior is less Warrior…” If, only a few days later, she gets a new heart, the transplant is a failure.

Glory in a movie

Born November 29, 1968 in Paris, Anne-Charlotte Pascal grew up in a wealthy family. His father develops calculation software, his mother is a pianist.

First castings as a teenager. She opted for the pseudonym “Valandrey”, a tribute to Val André, the seaside resort of her Breton childhood.

Small, slender but quite a temperament. The dark-haired girl with blue laser eyes lights up the film “Rouge Baiser” (1985) by Véra Belmont, her first role. She embodies, in France during the Cold War, Nadia, a young rebel who militates in the Young Communists and sees her ideal waver after a romantic encounter (Lambert Wilson).

Huge success. He is predicted a fate like Sophie Marceau, two years his senior. She won the Silver Bear for best actress in Berlin, was nominated for the César for best female hope.

Glory, parties, carelessness… A few days before she turned 18, she learned that she had contracted HIV. With a “Gothic prince”, member of a famous rock group, she will say. She kept her HIV status secret until 2005 and the publication of her autobiography “Love in the blood”, a big bookstore success (180,000 sales) adapted into a TV movie.

“The sequins fly away like ashes”

She only informs her parents and lovers. Approached for the main role of “White Wedding” (1989), she also shares her secret with the director. It is Vanessa Paradis who is chosen… “The sequins fly away like ashes… Something had broken, the cinema had left me”.

Admittedly, she rebounded on television by playing from 1991 to 2000 in the series “Les Cordier, magistrate et cop” (up to 11.4 million viewers) or in “Tomorrow belongs to us” (2017-2019). But she will never have the career to which she seemed promised.

And she has to fight every day. Her triple therapy exhausted her heart, and one was transplanted to her in 2003. She thus became the first HIV-positive heart transplant recipient in France.

“Coming out of my transplant, I weighed 35 kg. I divorced, moved, I no longer had a job or a social life. It was a lot”. She hangs on, especially for her daughter Tara, born HIV-negative in 2000. As during this new hard blow in 2008. A heart attack. His heart stops beating for 22 seconds.

It goes up the slope, in particular thanks to psychoanalysis. Find the way to the boards, start singing and continue writing. She is also actively involved in favor of organ donation and becomes the godmother of the “Greffe de vie” foundation.



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