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who is Valentin Leonard, the companion of Rachel Legrain-Trapani?

who is Valentin Leonard, the companion of Rachel Legrain-Trapani?

As a couple for three years, Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Leonard have a sometimes tumultuous relationship… (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the adventure continues for Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Leonard in “Beijing Express”. Accustomed to the world of reality TV from which he had moved away, it was for the love of competition that the artistic director and model agreed to participate in the adventure with his partner. Back on his journey.

It has now been three years since Valentin Leonard shared the life of Rachel Legrain-Trapani. The couple formalized their relationship in August 2019, and between them, everything went very quickly since a few months later, they announced that they were going to have a child. Their little boy, Andrea, was born in July 2020 and has just celebrated his two years. Since then, the two lovers have not left each other and on Instagram, they do not hesitate to display their happiness and their complicity.

Video. The beautiful story of Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Leonard

From modeling to reality TV

If the name of Valentin Leonard is well known to viewers, it is because “Beijing Express” is not the first program in which he participates. This model, who survived leukemia during her childhood, participated in the program “Moundir and the apprentice adventurers” in 2016, on W9. Subsequently, he participated in season 6 of “Marseillais (South Africa)”, made his return to the Moundir show, and participated in the filming of “Marseillais vs the rest of the world”. This show was his last, and he slammed the door after 24 hours, learning that Jessy, his girlfriend at the time with whom he participated in the program, had cheated on him.

Subsequently, Valentin moved away from the world of television. Continuing his very popular modeling career, he also became artistic director with the Summer Rockz agency in Spain. But out of love for his companion (and out of love for competition), he agreed to return to television in the M6 ​​adventure game.

A duo little appreciated by Internet users

During the broadcast of the first episode of this celebrity season of “Beijing Express”, many Internet users pointed to the incessant disputes between Valentin Leonard and Rachel Legrain-Trapani. Facing the camera, the two competitors do not hide it: “We are really opposites in terms of character”, then affirmed the former Miss France. “We really fight over bullshit. Sometimes we don’t talk to each other for a week.”

But in the face of criticism from Internet users, the couple wanted to put things right on Instagram, accusing the editing of the show of having played against them. “When we’re in a relationship, we argue. You’re in the car, in a relationship, inevitably you’re going to argue, whereas if you’re with your sister, you’re not going to argue. Everything is subject to fritter what, “says Rachel Legrain-Trapani, while her companion regrets that the beautiful moments of shared complicity have not been shown: “We only saw the negative moments, all the arguments there is not one that has been missed.” A point of view shared by the ex-beauty queen: “After 48 hours, we saw that the disputes, necessarily because these are the highlights, and for a show, you need strong things and above all we is the only couple of this Duos of shock.”

The young woman stresses, however, that her companion is a competitor at heart: “When he is in a game, he is not at all the same person as in reality, he transforms, it is like a Gremlins. we play cards, I never put myself against him because there it’s not even worth it, he’s really into his game, so we’re going to argue over bullshit. But she does not regret having chosen him as a partner for all that.

Their project in case of victory

Still, the filming of “Beijing Express” does not seem to have harmed their couple, since Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Leonard appear more united than ever on social networks. It must be said that the artistic director made a beautiful promise to the woman who shares his life: “She absolutely wants us to get married. And if we win Beijing Express, I will ask her about the final arrival.” To which the main interested party replied: “So, I can tell you that I’m going to run like a rabbit.” But to know if his dream will materialize, he will have to show a little more patience.

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