which couples are still together?

which couples are still together?

After the cessation of broadcasting on M6 of the fifth season of Married at first sight Belgian version because of its poor ratings, discover the couples who survived this fifth season.

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This spring, the sixth season of Married at first sight was a real success with viewers of M6. Fans of the romance show have indeed followed the incredible adventures of Alicia, Bruno, Émilie, Frédérick, Sandy, Alex, Eddy, Jennifer, Cyndie, Jauffrey, Pauline, Damien, Caroline and Axel en masse. And if only four of them found the rare pearl, the others unfortunately divorced at the end of the adventure. After such a success in terms of audiences (over 2.5 million viewers on average), M6 wanted to repeat the experience by broadcasting the Belgian version of the program from 4 July. But on the public side, the enthusiasm was not at all there… As proof: this Monday, July 11, ie the second evening of broadcast, only 778,000 viewers answered the call. A bitter failure which pushed the private channel to suddenly deprogram the show (which you can however find on 6play), leaving the few curious on their hunger. But which of Laurent and Séverine, Laurie and Joël, Morgane and Valérian, Nathalie and Michaël, or even Julien and Elodie remained married after the shooting?

Married at first sight, Belgium: survivors

For this fifth season of the Belgian version, the four experts of the romance show had identified five couples likely to live a love story worthy of a fairy tale. And if Sévérine and Laurent only had 79.7% compatibility, the lowest percentage of this season, it would seem that the two candidates have found each other perfectly! “Almost eleven months after our wedding, it is with a lot of emotions that we plunged back into this crazy adventure that is Married at first sight. What a journey we have traveled together since August 20, 2021, the day we met and married“, declared the couple, this Wednesday, July 5, on Instagram. More in love and accomplices than ever, the two candidates had also expressed their desire to renew their vows, but this time, without cameras!

Belgian divorcees

The express marriage of Joël and Laurie is no longer a surprise to anyone… And although the nuptials of their comrades lasted more than 24 hours, they also ended up separating. As reported Tele-Leisure, Nathalie and Michaël also preferred to divorce at the end of the experiment. Ditto for Morgane and Valérian, who were ultimately not on the same wavelength. And as far as Julien and Élodie are concerned, the story is somewhat different. Despite the tensions between them, the couple had decided to leave hand in hand at the end of their assessment and to try the adventure together. Unfortunately, their differences got the better of their efforts and they finally decided to divorce. Definitely, this fifth season of our Belgian neighbors seems cursed both for the broadcaster M6 and for the candidates who participated in it…

Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias.

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