We pushed the doors of SO/ Paris, a new beacon in the capital

We pushed the doors of SO/ Paris, a new beacon in the capital

The banks of the Seine are preparing to welcome a new 162-key hotel, with a restaurant signed Paris Society and a Maison Codage spa. This will be the first French address in the SO/ collection of the Ennismore hotel group. Gaelle Le Boulicault

EXCLUSIVE – On the banks of the Seine, seeming to touch the sky, the most sensual new hotel address in eastern Paris has fallen in love with art, fashion and spirit. With a distinguished guest, an unprecedented view of All-Paris. To be discovered on September 6.

A shock wave. That of a pebble thrown into the Seine, which is displayed on a large door, rue Agrippa-d’Aubigné (4th arrondissement). A monumental door at the height of the ambition of this crazy project, named “La Félicité”. Since 2016, it is here that the Paris of tomorrow is taking shape. The imposing H-shaped building, which once housed the Cité administrative and the Direction de l’Urbanisme, now has an art gallery where emerging photography talents parade, a local market where full of good products and above all a hotel, which wants to be the beating heart of this gigantic ocean. Her name : SW / Paristhe first French address in the SO/ collection of the Ennismore lifestyle hotel group (The Hoxton, 25hours, Mama Shelter…) with a well-established island spirit.

Just imagine… In the time of kings, we were here on an island! And not just any island, Louviers Island, epicenter of river trade. The small story in the big one came to feed the work of Denis Montel and Julia Capp of the RDAI architecture agency (Hermès boutiques, Les Bains Paris…), in charge of the decoration. In the lobby, eight tulip columns recall, through a play of materials between concrete and terrazzo, the line of the exceptional flood of 1910. Cold materials are enhanced by orange furniture and large amber mirrors. On the floor, the traditional Parisian cobblestone in the shape of a peacock’s tail swaps granite for polished marble. But the gaze does not take long to land on The Lighthouse of Paris, a monumental work by Franco-Algerian artist Neïl Beloufa, made from everyday waste frozen in resin. Designed as an exhibition gallery, SO/Paris also offers an avant-garde image of art, design and fashion, notably with the staff uniforms created by Guillaume Henry.

Guided tour of SO/Paris

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Front row on the Seine

The 1960s and 1970s will be honored with soft textures and warm colors, extended by a 360° view of the capital. Gaelle Le Boulicault

Dark hallways immediately invite exploration. Distributed from the 7th to the 14th floor of the building, the 140 rooms and 22 suites are also a tribute to Paris… at night. A palette ranging from saffron yellow, the reflection of the street lamps in the Seine, to coral, the ultimate shade of twilight, passing through a myriad of shades of deep blue, echoing the warm summer evenings. No more garish lighting, all the lights have been integrated behind the walls and the ceiling for a sparkling effect. The same logic in the bathroom, with reflective copper mosaics and oak screens that play on transparency so that you never miss a second side in view. A panorama over the gardens of La Félicité for the “Capsule” category rooms, over the rooftops of Paris and the Bastille for the “Rooftop view” and overlooking the Seine from the Eiffel Tower side for the “Skyline view” rooms. If all are about the same area, 28 m2, the suites go up to 125 m2. Our favourite: the “So Phare” and its five windows, offering the impression of having boarded a liner.

Catwalk under the clouds

At a time when the sun is setting and the Seine ripples under golden reflections, another spectacle is played out on the rooftop of the building. Gaelle Le Boulicault

At a time when the sun is setting and the Seine ripples under golden reflections, another spectacle is played out on the 15th and 16th floors of the building. That of bonny, the new icon of the Paris Society group (Gigi, Maison Russe, Mun…), free, sensual and sulfurous. “Space Age” atmosphere under the baton of Jordane Come from the Notoire agency: the panoramic atmosphere here takes on a psychedelic allure. An ode to the Cardin style, to his immoderate love of curves, to the charm of transparency and to his futuristic desires. On the bar menu, emblematic cocktails from the 1950s are revealed against an unprecedented view of the Parisian rooftops and the career of the Republican Guard. On the plates, we find the chic brasserie spirit of the group with beautiful cuts of meat and festive dishes to share. Finally comes the night, bewitching and disconcerting. Bonnie’s electro-disco sounds float around the illuminated bar, as if suspended in the sky. “The Seeing City” then displays its finest attire. Like a kaleidoscope of stunning mirrors, this work by Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Benham reflects 360° the beauties of Paris, the Seine, the Ile de la Cité and that of Saint-Louis.

The spa, operated by Maison Codage. A miniature format with its two cabins. Gaelle Le Boulicault

Still a little energy? Head to the basement for theafter-party, before Bonnie’s life-saving breakfast. The hotel promises its guests direct access to the Ô Zenhit sports club (1700m2) and its 20 meter long swimming pool. Big downside however: the basin will be privatized four mornings a week, from 9 am to 11 am, by the schools of the district. Good to know before dreaming about your morning bath. There remains the spa option, operated by the House Coding. A miniature format with its two treatment cabins, but no less life-saving for a real break with everyday life. Because that is where Denis Montel and Julia Capp’s goal lies. Contrary to the current trend of “just like at home”, SO/ Paris has chosen a new experience. For a hotel with sensual waves… which promises to give us wings.

SO/ Paris, 10 rue Agrippa d’Aubigné, 75004 Paris. From €500 per night. The Bonnie restaurant is open every day of the week, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to midnight. Night owls will be able to access the Club until 3 am. Valet service available.




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