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Vendee.  For the arrival of Stromae, Poupet thinks big, very big

Vendee. For the arrival of Stromae, Poupet thinks big, very big

It is a small feat of logistics that is happening, between Saint-Malô-du-Bois and Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (Vendée), the two towns hosting the Poupet festival. In the first, the open-air theater welcomed thirty-three artists or groups… in just twelve evenings! Last star to have performed on the banks of the Sèvre Nantaise: Sting. It was Tuesday evening.

At the same time on Tuesday, just 2.5 km from the green theater, at the Bois-Chabot clearing (Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre), an imposing XXL stage was taking shape. “The installation started on Monday, explains Philippe Maindron, president of Poupet. As soon as Sting’s concert is over, we dismantle everything at the open-air theater and focus on Bois-Chabot. »

A race against time

For the festival, its 1,050 volunteers and all its service providers, a race against time is on: Friday evening, 40,000 people will tread the ground of the clearing to attend the concerts of 47TER, Gaël Faye and Stromae. Between Tuesday evening and the last outbursts of voices from the former leader of the group The Police and the performance of the Belgian genius, only 72 hours will have passed.

Short, but enough to build one of the biggest stages in France from scratch. “It is 1,000 m² and 23 m high. It’s just monstrous, hallucinates Philippe Maindron. Forty people have been working since Monday to mount it. It takes fifteen semi-trailers to transport it. »

half the budget

The Bois-Chabot clearing and its scene of all superlatives will host three concert dates: the first, this Friday therefore; the second, the rap evening (Ninho, Damso, PLK…) on July 20; and Poupet déraille, on the 22nd. If for the concert of Stromae, the gauge was established at 40,000 spectators, it will be 28,000 for the other evenings. “In three evenings, we will still attract nearly 100,000 people”, points out Philippe Maindron.

Enough to encourage the record attendance expected for this 35e Doll Festival. “We don’t do this to break records”, would like to clarify the president. No, if Poupet is unfaithful to his outdoor theater, it is above all to make sure “financial balance” warns Pascal Fruchet, the treasurer. Certainly, the expenses to organize these three dates are significant. Half of the festival budget – “5 million euros this year” , specifies Pascal Fruchet – passes. But thanks to the tens of thousands of spectators expected, Poupet should recover its costs. And ensure a bright future, whether in Saint-Malô-du-Bois or Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre.

Friday July 15, 2022, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, Bois-Chabot industrial zone. The festival site opens at 5 p.m. Access possible all evening, even if the concerts have started. Forty-five hectares of car parks have been built around the site. With the temperatures announced, gourds and water bottles up to 1.5 l authorized (unless they are glass). More information on the website

Vendée. For the arrival of Stromae, Poupet thinks big, very big



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