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the first reviews of the Netflix zombie series have fallen

the first reviews of the Netflix zombie series have fallen

The famous Capcom license, resident Evil, is back with a new series adaptation produced by Netflix. What did the critics think?

Needless to say, video game adaptations are currently experiencing prosperous times. After the unequivocal success of The Witcher on the platform, the famous red N has decided to take advantage of this new goose that lays the golden egg. And while a titled anime series Sonic Primeas well as an adaptation of the Ubisoft license Beyond Good And Evil – potentially led by Rob Letterman (Detective Pikachu) – are brought to light, another adaptation of a famous franchise will invest the catalog of the streaming giant.

Thus, after multiple adaptations for the big screen and an animated series, the franchise resident Evil is entitled to its first serial transposition in live action. Headed by Andrew Dabb – to whom we owe the decadence of supernatural – this new iteration split into two very distinct timelines tells the story of Jade Wesker (played by Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart), the adopted daughter of the famous Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick).

A convoluted narrative choice which should therefore provide aficionados with the iconic elements of the license necessary to meet their expectations, while taking the opposite view of previous adaptations. Does this new series live up to expectations? According to the first English-speaking critics, the verdict is mixed.. Newspaper.

“Oh my God the first reviews are here”

“Resident Evil is a zombie-like fun that knows exactly what it needs to do: fill the screen with hordes of unleashed undead, and reassure fans of the horror genre that there is life after The Walking Dead. All of these options have been ticked brilliantly. » Ed Power – The Telegraph

“Resident Evil marks the beginning of a new and ambitious direction driving the next phase. Where the last film showed certain weaknesses by dint of looking back too much, the Netflix series is charting its course, with its head turned towards the future. » Trent Moore – Paste

Resident Evil: photo, Tamara SmartSo far, so good

“While the quality is uneven, the series features plenty of monsters and plenty of horrific thrills that make Resident Evil lively and engaging entertainment, and leave you wanting to see more. » Meagan Navarro – Bloody Disgusting

“A new iteration of the Resident Evil franchise, the Netflix series managed to pass the test by including just enough license references to guarantee the happiness of the fans of the first hour, without however overdoing it at the risk of deterring new viewers. The narrative structure split into two distinct timelines is, however, the program’s great weakness. Initially developed with the intention of raising questions and keeping viewers glued to their sofas, the abrupt changes between the present and the future make it difficult to fully engage in both plots. » Eddie Fu – Consequence

Resident Evil: photo, Tamara SmartIt’s starting to smell scorched

“In practical terms, despite a decent first episode, Resident Evil is more of an action-adventure entertainment that is painful to watch than anything original or scary. The total absence of horror in the program is, moreover, a cardinal sin. » Tom Philip – AV Club

“The set is of rather poor quality. The script, by necessity, overdoes exposition and cliches (Jade’s opening monologue, among others, announces thus: “Scientists have said that the world would experience the apocalypse in 2036, but they were wrong. The world came to an end years ago”), but the series nevertheless manages to find time to devote to strange subplots, such as that of Evelyn Marcus played by Paola Nuñez. » Nick Hilton – The Independent

“The series is floundering in a sickness of misdirection, clunky performances, and a healthy dose of fan service that never quite works. However, there is indeed a nice adaptation of Resident Evil somewhere below, but the series entices without ever satisfying. » – Ross Bonaire – Collider

Resident Evil: photo, Lance ReddickThis is what we harvest by dint of testing things on small rodents

So here are the first returns, to say the least disparate. If some critics underline the horrific nature of the series, others deplore the lack of audacity and gore. Where these first returns nevertheless almost all come together is at highlight with the intelligence of a few winks granted to the parent license. Neither excessively preponderant nor insignificant, these various allusions to video games should therefore carry enough weight to delight die-hard fans of resident Evil without discouraging the new curious.

Moreover, it seems that the real weak link of this series is its initial concept, or the double narrative framework alternating past and present, which weakens the program while limiting its intrigue. With an average of 57/100 on Metacritic, resident Evil is therefore akin to passable entertainment, but nothing more (in line with its previous adaptations, although slightly more qualitative). That said, since there’s no such thing as making up your own mind, the eight episodes of the Netflix series will be available on the platform’s catalog from July 14.




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