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La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, a reçu un gros appel du pied de la part d'une jeune star de la ligue

The crazy 4-team trade that would move KD, Simmons and Ayton!

July is now in full swing, but if the NBA planet seems calm on the surface, a blockbuster trade could strike at any moment. In this context, a reputable ESPN journalist mentioned a rather crazy transfer, involving no less than 4 teams, which would constitute one of the biggest blockbusters of recent years…

Behind the calm that seems to reign in the NBA, the franchises are constantly agitated behind the scenes. It must be said that between Kevin Durant’s initial desires, the vagueness around Kyrie Irvingthe unresolved future of Donovan Mitchell, the soap opera Deandre Ayton and so many others, the executives have enough to spend sacred sleepless nights trying to set up “the” trade that will tip their team into another dimension.

The massive 4-team trade that could shake up the league

With this in mind, the renowned ESPN journalist Bobby Marks, a specialist in transfers and their financial arrangements, proposed an idea that quickly ignited the web. It concerns many teams, many stars, and takes shape as follows below:


Nets receive: Donovan Mitchell, Mikal Bridges, Myles Turner

Suns host: Kevin Durant

Pacers receive: Deandre Ayton

The Jazz receive: Ben Simmons, Cam Thomas, various draft picks

Let’s take a deep breath, and analyze it team by team. With this trade, the Nets would separate both Kevin Durant, who wants to leave, and Ben Simmons, who remains a big question mark. The Mitchell-Turner-Bridges trio is a very interesting return, which would evolve (or not) alongside Kyrie Irving. At first glance, the New York franchise would therefore succeed in the transition, and would recover an optimal package.

The observation is the same for the Jazz. While rumors are growing around a departure of Donovan Mitchell following that of Rudy Gobert, the Mormons could press the “reconstruction” button. In this perspective, the promising Cam Thomas, cold with Steve Nash, and Simmons, would constitute a nice return. Of course, the slew of Draft picks wouldn’t spoil anything for GM Danny Ainge.

Still in the West, Phoenix would recover the Grail: Kevin Durant, alongside Chris Paul and Devin Booker. A lethal Big Three, which would be acquired at the cost of Mikal Bridges, 2nd in the DPOY this season and a Deandre Ayton more than ever on the start. Sure, the Cactus would strip themselves of draft picks – but to get the last few years of prime from KD, nothing is too good.

Finally, this script by Bobby Marks takes into account one of the hottest rumors of the moment: the arrival of Ayton in Indiana. Almost certain to leave Phoenix, the big man is announced with great insistence to the Pacers via a sign-and-trade. Myles Turner wanting a change of scenery, the deal seems beneficial to an Indy team which we still wonder what its objectives will be. Ayton, he would land more revengeful than ever.

It is extremely rare for a 4-team trade to be a win-win for all the franchises involved, but Bobby Marks could well have achieved this feat. Gentlemen GMs, if you are inspired… it’s up to you!



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