Rihanna, Donald Trump, Thomas Pesquet, quel est ce lien obscur qui les lient ?

Rihanna, Donald Trump, Thomas Pesquet, what is this obscure link that binds them?

The world of stars and show business is a mysterious world. Many people are attracted to this world because of the glamor and excitement it offers. However, this world also has a dark side. Many stories of betrayal, heartbreak and tragedy occur in this industry.

While the world of stars and show business can be exciting, it’s also important to be aware of the dangers that come with it. Today, it is not necessarily a question of dangers but simply of taking big risks.

An interconnected world

Whether you are a great sportsman, a popstar, a rapper or an actor, it is very likely that your circle of friends is made up of very homogeneous people, it is common to say that the circles of very popular people are often the same, and it is quite true. We can take the famous friendship between Lewis Hamilton, Justin Bieber and Neymar, while they come from very different worlds.

This homogeneity comes from the fact that the habits of these very rich and famous people are more or less the same: they drive the same cars, live in the same places, frequent the same regions on vacation, the same hotels, etc.

As a result, the stars thus develop common habits, and create a large circle in which they all meet, which inevitably results in creating links between them.

Information in advance

Without being conspiratorial, it is very likely that our friends the stars are much better informed than the rest of the population.

Firstly because the money they have gives them a significant advantage over the advisers they can afford to employ, secondly because these are much closer to power than you and me, and therefore have more enlightened decisions, and above all information before “ordinary” people.

Trump, Rihanna, Thomas Pesquet linked by the taste for risk

These three people are probably familiar to you, we have a recognized astronaut, a popstar and a former president. Although nothing brings them together at first glance, they are all linked by the choice of their investment.

Indeed, they have all invested heavily in a digital currency that is still somewhat unknown, I am of course talking about Bitcoin. Created in 2009 by an anonymous person, no one knows who really started it, but what is certain is that the first users will quickly become rich, since Bitcoin will go from less than $1 in 2011 to almost 70 $000 in 2021.

While the vast majority of financial advisers still advocate caution on these assets, it is interesting to note that people who are probably better advised are making this type of decision, by investing colossal sums in these still very opaque digital products.

Rihanna, Donald Trump, Thomas Pesquet, what is this obscure link that binds them?

Would they have some information that we don’t have?



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