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Moqué pour son physique, Kyle Lowry métamorphosé choque la toile !

NBA – Humiliated for his physique, metamorphosed Kyle Lowry shocks the web!

Not at his best for his first campaign in Miami, and criticized by many people, Kyle Lowry has obviously decided to act on his physique. A recent photo of the point guard is buzzing on social media, which should please the Heat. The former Raptor wants to get back in shape on the Florida side.

Beaten by the Celtics in this Eastern Conference, the Heat is logically disappointed with the season. A conf final is not necessarily a bad thing, but it remains a failure for a team aiming for the title. It can’t be otherwise with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo in the squad, who will want to take their revenge next season. With Donovan Mitchell? Not impossible, since the leaders inquire, Spida now available.

Mitchell or not, we can think that Pat Riley will still make a few moves within his workforce. The desire is clear: allow this roster to win the championship, but it will take improvement in view of the competition. In the East alone, we can think of the Celtics and the Sixers, very well armed for the next exercise. A player who could do some good? Kyle Lowry, largely disappointing for his first year in Florida. Fortunately, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Major change for Kyle Lowry

For fans of the leader, it’s hard to say that he has always been in perfect physical condition. Lowry is clearly not the fittest man on the court, to the point that he has been criticized by a few people on the Heat side. We don’t laugh about that these days, especially for a top athlete. The good news is that Kyle was receptive, and decided to lose some weight during this offseason. In place ? A little muscle.

Arms, stomach: Lowry has been busy in recent weeks. This does not guarantee a miracle on the floor obviously, but the leader will be able to better help his teammates. The change is impressive in any case:

Pat Riley has been in his ear since the season ended

Jimmy would have had another Finals appearance if Lowry weren’t so big two months ago

Kyle Lowry has obviously taken the criticism to heart since the Heat’s season ended, but whether he can maintain such form by training camp in September remains to be seen. But if the leader does not want to regret his time in Florida, he must be physically fit. Jimmy Butler and company will appreciate the effort.



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