Magali Berdah gets Booba’s Instagram account deleted

The reality star agent filed a complaint against the rapper last May for cyberstalking. The latter had replied with a complaint for defamation and slanderous denunciation.

Magali Berdah continues her legal fight against Booba. After a complaint filed against the rapper last May for cyberbullying, the one who manages the careers of many reality TV personalities has just obtained a new legal victory.

In a press release published on Instagram, Magali Berdah announced that she had requested the deletion of the Instagram account @oklm, managed by Booba. As she specifies in her publication, it is the president of the Judicial Court, requested by the team of lawyers of the agent of stars, who ordered this closure.

“This is only the beginning, other victories will come. Fear will change sides”, concludes Magali Berdah in her press release, accompanied by a scan of the mail sent by the president of the Judicial Court to the Meta group, parent company from Instagram.

“Hate Pack”

For several months, Booba has been denouncing on social networks many product placements and advertisements made online by personalities from the world of reality TV. On Twitter, the rapper notably accused the perpetrators of these practices on several occasions of “scamming honest people”.

When some concerned responded directly through Instagram stories, others like Magali Berdah preferred to take legal action. In May, the star agent had thus revealed in an interview with Parisian having filed a complaint against Booba for cyberbullying.

In her press release, posted on Tuesday, Magali Berdah once again claims to have been the target of anti-Semitic remarks, death threats, beheading, stoning, rape, but also invitation to suicide from Internet users that she calls Booba a “hateful pack”.

“This pack even went so far as to falsely claim that I appeared in a pornographic video that they massively distributed on social networks, and which was sent to my loved ones, with the sole objective of further humiliating us and hurt,” she said on Instagram.

For his part, the artist from Boulogne-Billancourt had, in response, also filed a complaint against Magali Berdah for defamation and slanderous denunciation.

Booba already back on Instagram

This Wednesday, a few hours before the deletion of his previous profile @oklm, which had served him for a few months as an official account, Booba announced that he was already back on Instagram. In a tweet, the rapper shared a screenshot of his new account, “@elieyaffaofficiel” – in reference to his real name – which already has more than 65,000 subscribers.

This is not the first time that Booba has lost his official profile on Instagram. His main account, @boobaofficial had been temporarily ousted, then for life, from the social network as the promotion of his latest album, ULTRA, approached in 2021. In a press release, the rapper had also denounced a “censorship” from the platform.

Since then, Booba has alternated between several accounts – regularly suspended – including the latest @ifp92i, created last April, on which he pretends to be a fan of himself.



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