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Evan Fournier face aux Lakers

Evan Fournier gives his opinion on the global warming debate

Like all French people, Evan Fournier is helplessly watching the rise in temperatures at the start of July, and the heat wave that is looming in certain regions could be extreme. On Twitter, the back of the Blues gave a cash opinion on the issue of global warming.

Evan Fournier should be a busy man in the coming days, as his insight will be important on several major topics for French basketball. Already, he was one of the first to speak out against the naturalization of Joel Embiidfor moral issues, and lofficial obtaining of a French passport by the pivot of the Sixers should make him react.

And then he was also the most vocal opponent of the relocation of the first round of the 2024 Olympic Games, which earned him several big reviews in the media, and the back of the Knicks will necessarily have something to say following the confirmation that the basketball tournament will start in Lille, before being repatriated to Bercy for the final phase. Evan Fournier is much more than a basketball player, he will have the opportunity to prove it.

The terrible observation of Evan Fournier in the face of high heat.

But before speaking on these thorny subjects, the star of the Blues gave his opinion on another important debate: the climate. Faced with this impressive rise in temperatures and a thermometer which should soon exceed 40° in certain regions, the rear was forced to worry. His message caused many reactions on social networks.

Evan Fournier did not take a lot of risks by confirming global warming, a phenomenon observed by specialists for years and which is increasingly worrying. But by speaking in this way, the rear of the Knicks undoubtedly wanted to raise awareness, he should not expect to be held responsible. However, in the comments, a user made a pungent, but quite relevant remark.

Obviously, NBA players are not the only ones responsible for global warming, far from it. But we can not deny that the many trips by private jets imposed by the dantesque calendar of the league pollute.



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