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Mariés au premier regard

End clap for Married at first sight: the program deprogrammed by M6!

Following the sixth season of “Married at first sight” which enjoyed strong audiences, M6 decided to broadcast the Belgian edition of the show. Unfortunately, the channel had to replace the program.

“Married at first sight” season 6

M6’s cult show has been helping strangers find love for six seasons based on a compatibility algorithm. The last episode of the 6th season of “Married at first sight” was released on June 27. During the broadcast of this sixth edition, M6 had great audiences. This season is one of the seasons that gathered the most viewers during its broadcast.

For the 2022 edition of MAPR, fans followed the twists and turns of six couples. Namely Sandy and Alex, Emilie and Frédérick, Jennifer and Eddy, Caroline and Axel, Cyndie and Jauffrey and finally Alicia and Bruno. The last episode revealed who stayed together and who divorced.

These couples have, of course, been talked about on social networks. Some viewers did not fail to express their opinions. They were impatient to see the rest of the episodes which never ceased to amaze. Faced with this success, M6 decided to broadcast “Married at first sight” Belgian edition. The show is experiencing a ratings flop.

A failure with viewers

Unlike the French version, season 5 of “Married at first sight” Belgium failed to win the hearts of viewers. The latter did not feel the enthusiasm they had during the 13 weeks of MAPR season 6.

The sixth season of MAPR had gained 32% market share in audience. A record for the cult M6 show. Only, the Belgian version made him know the disaster in terms of hearing. The episode broadcast this Thursday only gathered 778,000 viewers.

This is one of the worst performances of the year 2022 for the M6 ​​channel. The distribution of this version only made him sign a 4.4% market share. Therefore, the channel had to make a drastic decision.

A change in the programs

It was clear that the viewers were not convinced by the Belgium version. They even shared their opinions of the Belgian MAPR show on social networks. For some, what they saw on the evening of Monday July 4 looked like a parody of their favorite show.

The majority of viewers were not seduced by the show and zapped the channel. Which cost a lot to M6 which faced the failure of hearing. The sixth channel was unable to compete with the other channels (TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, W9, and TMC) on the evening of the broadcast of the second episode.

The disappointing figures for the number of viewers prompted the M6 ​​channel to deprogram the show. It was in a press release that M6 shared a report which explains the reason for the deprogramming.

“During the last two Mondays, the average audience share of the program ‘Mariés au premier regard special Belgique’ recorded a discount of 55% on the target “4 years and +” compared to the audiences of the previous four weeks in the same programming box,” the channel explained.

The drop in audience therefore forced M6 to modify its programming. This decision is based on paragraph 3-3 of the memorandum of understanding concerning the transmission of television programs signed between broadcasters, publishers and the SEPM.

The Chef goes to the rescue

From Monday, July 18, “Married at first sight Belgium” weeds M6. To find the rest of the episodes, you will have to go to 6Play. This platform also broadcasts previous episodes as well as other broadcasts in replay.

As for the change of program, it is Philippe Etchebest who will occupy the viewers. An episode of the “Cauchemar” show in the kitchen will be broadcast on M6 at 9:30 p.m. As a reminder, a new episode of the program was broadcast on the channel on June 22.

This episode of Cauchemar en cuisine earned M6 third place in the ratings. That day, Philippe Etchebest’s show brought together nearly 1.77 million people. No one yet knows how many viewers the chef will bring together next Monday.



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