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Donovan Mitchell avec le Jazz

“Donovan Mitchell will finish there, that’s for sure”

A few weeks after Rudy Gobert, everything suggests that Donovan Mitchell will be the next player traded to the Jazz. Reconstruction is underway in Salt Lake City, all that remains is to find a trading partner. For this ESPN reporter, Spida’s destination is absolutely clear. He’s not the only one to think so.

It’s a big clean-up on the Jazz side, which won’t surprise many people, let alone supporters of the franchise. It must be said that after repeated failures in the playoffs, we must turn the page with this roster. Rudy Gobert will suddenly rebound at Wolves, with Karl-Anthony Towns, while all the other players could be exchanged quickly. With Rudy Gay and company, Utah has some interesting players to haggle over.

But the one that interests the most people in recent days is obviously Donovan Mitchell. The star has been quoted on the start for some time, and Shams Charania made it all official this Thursday. Spida is well and truly haggled over by the Jazz, but not against anything. The suitors for the player are warned, there is no question of selling him off. If someone wants to recruit Mitchell, and this this summer, it will be necessary to pay the price.

The ultra-favorite franchise to recover Donovan Mitchell

Fortunately for the Knicks, franchise in pole to sign Mitchell, there are arguments to convince the Jazz. The front office notably has 8 first draft rounds to trade, and some interesting young players, including Quentin Grimes. Enough to recruit Spida? Yes, finally for Tim Bontemps, journalist at ESPN. The latter is sure of himself: if Mitchell leaves, he will join the Big Apple.

β€œI think when it comes to the finish, the Knicks are going to finish with Donovan Mitchell. Β»

It must be said that according to Charania, the Knicks have all the attention of the Jazz. Danny Ainge knows it, but New York has the elements to allow him to rebuild after Mitchell.

He really takes a risk πŸ˜‚

It’s just a matter of time

This journalist, like the fans, are quite confident: Donovan Mitchell will finish with the Knicks. How, and with consideration? These are the unknowns still present. Beware, however, of the competition, because you always have to be wary in the NBA. Regardless, Spida’s future doesn’t seem to lie in Utah.



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