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NBA Deandre Ayton inarrêtable contre Indiana

Denouement known for Deandre Ayton, who heads east and beats the Suns!

Having become undesirable on the side of the Suns, Deandre Ayton was going to sign elsewhere during the summer. The pivot has been waiting for more for several weeks, but the news has just fallen this Thursday evening: heading to the Eastern Conference for him, who hopes to revive.

Fans had been eagerly awaiting the Kevin Durant soap opera for a few weeks, but another star was stuck in the market: Deandre Ayton. Undesirable at the Suns, the franchise did not want to offer him a big contract during the summer, to everyone’s surprise. In place ? A trade, or rather a sign-and-trade, to try to recover a consideration. Only here, Phoenix totally missed his shot.

Deandre Ayton drops the Suns, who are having it!

With Ayton being a restricted free agent, he could sign an offer in the market, giving the Suns the chance to match him. They have 48 hours to decide, and the timer has just started. Adrian Wojnarowski has just confirmed it: the pivot has signed a 133 million contract over 4 years, the maximum, to join the Pacers. Phoenix now has two days to retain the player by matching this contract, or he will leave directly.

Restricted free agent Deandre Ayton signs a 4-year, $133 million contract with the Pacers. The Suns have 48 hours to match the largest such offer in NBA history.

Indeed, it is the biggest offer signed by a restricted free agent. Proof that Ayton was wanted by the Pacers, but the Suns find themselves in a catastrophic situation now.

The Suns could have negotiated with the Pacers for a sign-and-trade. Phoenix would have given a big contract to Ayton, to send him to Indiana in exchange for another player, like Myles Turner for example. Instead, Deandre dashes off somewhere else, leaving nothing behind. An absolutely horrible move for the Suns, at least if the franchise doesn’t match this offer:

The Suns looked for it

Deandre Ayton heads east, embarrassing the Suns. Regardless of their choice, the leaders lost this file. A huge blow for Phoenix, who loses a first draft pick here against… nothing at all. A total fiasco for the front office.



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