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Breakfast: strike in sight for Jessie Bates?

Breakfast: strike in sight for Jessie Bates?

hot news

– Packers: Jaire Alexander extended for 4 years and $84 million

Strike in sight for Jessie Bates

The Bengals placed the franchise tag on Jessie Bates (S). But the player did not sign it. And according to USA Today, he has no intention of doing so.

Our colleagues report that Bates isn’t planning on showing up for spring training, or even summer training camp, as long as he’s the subject of his team’s franchise tag.

The safety and his team have until July 15 to agree on a long-term contract.

Last season, the 25-year-old had 88 tackles and one interception in the regular season, before stepping up his game in the playoffs, where he had 20 tackles and 2 interceptions in 4 games.

Cincinnati selected two defensive backs in the first two rounds of the last Draft. What to cover in case of conflict with Bates?

NFL investigation into Deshaun Watson continues

If Deshaun Watson (QB, Browns) will enjoy the Bahamas with his teammates (see below), his program will also be devoted to much more serious things in the days to come. According to Yahoo Sports, NFL investigators will meet with Cleveland’s new quarterback later this week. The interview could be long and will obviously focus on the multiple accusations of sexual assault against the player.

The league has still not indicated when it intends to render its verdict and announce a possible sanction.

Dennis Allen does not believe in a return of Drew Brees

Was Drew Brees (QB) serious when he listed a return to football among his options for the upcoming season? Dennis Allen (HC, Saints) is not convinced.

“It was my wife who told me about it because I’m not on social media,” the coach explained to the press. “I thought, ‘It’s interesting, people are going to ask questions. I think that’s a comment that was made in jest, and we certainly haven’t had any discussions about it. »

If Brees were to return to the game, the Saints would be given priority to welcome him anyway. By revising his contract for 2021 and announcing his departure after June 1, the Louisiana smuggler left the hand to New Orleans to offer his services. He still remains on the team’s reserve list of retired players, and the club retains rights to his contract.

Saints: 3 million for Jarvis Landry

Signed a few days ago to bolster Jameis Winston’s target group, Jarvis Landry (WR) will be paid $3 million for the upcoming season, according to ProFootballTalk. He can earn another 3 million with different performance bonuses. He will notably unlock $1 million if he reaches 75 receptions over the coming season, $500,000 for 5 touchdowns or $500,000 more if he plays 48.5% of snaps. A qualification in the playoffs would also allow him to grow his kitty.


Bills: Prince Emili (DT), Will Ulmer (OT), Ja’Marcus Ingram (CB), CJ Brewer (DT)

Buccaneers: Mike Greene (DL), Kameron Brown (WR)

Cardinals: Christian Blake (WR), Tae Daley (S), Jared Guarantano (QB), Greg Long (OL), TJ Pledger (RB), Jared Smart (WR)

Commanders: Drew Himmelman (OL)

Eagles: Keric Wheatfall (WR)

Falcons: Geronimo Allison (WR)

Jaguars: Naz Bohannon (TE), Marvin Hall (WR), Willie Johnson (WR), Ryan McDaniel (WR)

Panthers: Wyatt Miller (OT), Jared Scott (TE)

Ravens: Vince Biegel (LB)

Saints: Devine Ozigbo (RB), Eric Wilson (LB), Josh Andrews (OL)

Steelers: Trevon Mason (DT), Carlins Platel (CB), Nick Sciba (K), Tyler Snead (WR)

Texans: Kendall Sheffield (BC), Connor Wedington (WR)

Titans: Kenneth George (S), DeMarcus Walker (DE)

Vikings: William Kwenkeu (LB)


Browns: Junior Faulk (BC)

Buccaneers: Kobe Smith (DL), Austin Watkins (WR)

Cardinals: Ron’Dell Carter (LB), Marcus Henry (C), Changa Hodge (WR), Kekaula Kaniho (S), Will Miles (DL), Stephon Robinson Jr. (WR)

Jaguars: Terry Godwin (WR), Josh Hammond (WR), Sean Mahone (S), Marcus Tatum (OL)

Panthers: Troy Pride Jr (CB)

Saints: Cohl Cabral (C), Joel Dublanko (LB), Jalen McCleskey (WR)

Steelers: Rico Bussey (WR), Sam Sloman (K), John Simon (OLB), Bryce Watts (DB, injury)

Vikings: Tuf Borland (LB)

List of injured

Titans: Jamal Carter (S)

In short

– Between Amazon and Fox, Sean Payton (ex-HC) decided. He has signed up with the historic network, and will be part of the Fox NFL Sunday show for 2022, taking over from Jimmy Johnson. (ProFootballTalk)

– Always in trouble with NFL teams and his ankle, Antonio Brown (WR) said on Twitter that he wants to retire as a member of the Steelers. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to play with Pittsburgh, just retire as the team that drafted him.

The Rams do not let go of Odell Beckham

Still without a team Odell Beckham (WR) can at least count on the fact that he remains welcome in Los Angeles.

“Of course. I really want Odell back,” Sean McVay told NFL.com. “He’s a guy we’ve managed to develop a very special relationship with in a very short time. I think he brought a great spark to our team and he played well. He’s a great teammate. Without a doubt I want to see Odell here again. That’s the goal and we’ll continue to work on a solution for him to re-sign with the Rams. »

Larry Fitzgerald: “DeAndre Hopkins remains a Hall of Famer”

Assured of his own legacy in NFL history, Larry Fitzgerald (WR) was keen to support his former teammate, DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Cardinals), suspended for the first six meetings of the coming season. For the legendary number 11, Hopkins will always have a place in the league Hall of Fame.

“He remains a Hall of Famer,” Fitzgerald told TMZ. “He will go through all of this. It’s just adversity, and you know, it’s tough, resourceful. He will go through all of this. »

Dan Campbell: “We want highly competitive guys”

Faithful to its characteristic voluntarism, Dan Campbell (HC, Lions) announced in conference during the minicamps of the rookies that he does not want players in his workforce who are there “by chance”.

“We’re looking to avoid the floaters,” the coach said according to the Detroit News. “We don’t want to draft floaters. The floaters are the guys who arrive here, and then there you go, who are a bit free in the vast ocean. We want highly competitive guys who love football. They won’t be perfect. They may not always say the right things. But they want to do well, and love football. They would do anything for the game and their teammates. From that perspective, I’m thrilled with our guys, and with that vision. »

Deshaun Watson takes Cleveland offense to the Bahamas

Before the start of the organized activities which will begin next week and the mandatory camps which will follow in June, Deshaun Watson (QB, Browns) decided to bond with his partners in the Cleveland offense. And to do this, he puts the small dishes in the big ones. According to CBS Sports, Watson has booked a training ground in the Bahamas for next weekend, and is planning a team building-oriented tropical trip to prepare for the season.

For the moment the NFL has not ruled on possible sanctions following the legal disputes of the new pitcher of the Browns. But the league has announced that the team’s schedule is not impacted by a possible suspension. A meeting between the quarterback and the officials is scheduled for next week, and will take place in Texas.

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