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NBA Kevin Durant en vacances

Big inevitable disappointment for Kevin Durant?

It’s been some time since Kevin Durant asked to leave the Nets to join a new destination. Unfortunately for him, Brooklyn still hasn’t reached an agreement for a trade. It is necessary to believe that this situation will last, and not only a little. What frustrate the player.

It’s been two weeks now Kevin Durant officially asked from the Nets. As one could imagine, his trade was going to take time, Brooklyn wishing to recover one of the biggest counterparties in history in such a deal. But even if we talk about KD, one of the best in the league, who really wants to put his future in danger? So far, no one. We are talking here about threatening the future in the short term, but also in the long term.

Knowing that the Wolves dropped 5 first draft rounds to recover a player like Rudy Gobert, what can Brooklyn hope for by letting Durant go? Lots of stuff. The problem is, a team going for the Slim Reaper still needs to be able to compete for the title in stride. Letting go of all his best assets to find a lonely KD would make no sense. This is where the deal gets complicated.

Kevin Durant’s departure postponed again

Because if a trade is born, it will take a third team, or even a fourth to try to increase the number of assets. More teams means more people to convince, which makes discussions even more complex. This is why this soap opera lasts so long, and why it should not know a denouement before many months, in the best of scenarios. A trend confirmed by Brian Windhorst, passing through ESPN.

β€œI do not sense any progress on any agreement”

No, the KD trade is not close to happening. The Nets do not change their minds: they want significant compensation for giving up the star, but no one really wants to let go of such a price. Windhorst clarifies that the Warriors are staying in the game, but nothing will happen for the moment:

Several sources explain to me that a coming to the Warriors remains possible. This has always been the case from the beginning. The Warriors discussed it, and Steph Curry even asked about it. But no one really wants to close the door on a KD comeback. Curry didn’t say “no”.

Kevin Durant may be one of the best in the league, but that doesn’t mean the franchises are trying to tear him away. There is obviously interest, but not with the consideration requested by the Nets. This soap opera could last a while, before a part decides to crack.



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