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Ariane Séguillon, Lorie, Maud Baecker, Samy Gharbi ... The actors of Tomorrow belongs to us pay tribute to him

Ariane Séguillon, Lorie, Maud Baecker, Samy Gharbi … The actors of Tomorrow belongs to us pay tribute to him

Since the announcement of Charlotte Valandrey’s death on July 13, many personalities have taken the floor to pay tribute to the 53-year-old actress. Family tomorrow belongs to us on your mind…

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“The new graft did not take, this third heart has not lived“. These are the words of her relatives addressed to AFP. It was Charlotte Valandrey’s agent who made the terrible announcement on July 13: the actress died at the age of 53. She was fighting fighting the disease since she was 18, after being diagnosed with HIV. It was an AIDS treatment that had seriously affected her heart capacities. After a first transplant in 2003, she was in intensive care for the past few days, and had just learned that a new graft had been found for him, but he therefore did not last.

Death of Charlotte Valandrey: the fictional partners of the actress pay tribute to her

The tributes follow one another since the announcement of his disappearance. Touched by the death of the one who played his mother on the screen, Théo Cosset paid him a vibrant tribute on Instagram. “Thank you my fictional mom… Thank you for everything you taught me, thank you for your kindness, kindness and your love. Forever in our hearts… We will never forget you”, he wrote to him in the caption of a series of photos where he poses in his company. In the TF1 saga, Charlotte Valandrey was in a relationship with actress Juliette Tresanini. The latter also saluted his memory. “Gone too soon, much too soon, what a life you will have had, so strong you were, so generous with life, until the end we believed in it… I am thinking of your daughter, of all your loved ones, of all those who love you. Have a good trip Charlotte. We already miss you“. Jean-Luc Reichmann, with whom she had played in Leo Mattei, paid tribute to him in turn. But since the terrible announcement, it’s the whole family of tomorrow belongs to us – whose episode of this July 14 will be dedicated to him, who took the floor to mourn his disappearance.

The actors of tomorrow belongs to us greet her “courage”

Ariane Seguillon thus wrote:My Charlotte, I am in great pain. I always had a lot of admiration for your strength. Rest in peace my pretty. huge thought for Tara“. Linda Hardywho had also played in the fiction of TF1, praised the memory of the actress: “Sad day. Your courage and your determination to overcome the obstacles of life are an example for all. Rest in peace my dear Charlotte“. Samy Gharbi did the same:A few weeks ago, we were happy and we thought you were out of business thanks to this 2nd transplant and last night my phone rang… I don’t have the words… I think very much of your daughter, your family, your loved ones… Love.”. Ingrid Chauvin, Vanessa Demouy, Elsa Lungini or Maud Baecker paid tribute to their former game partner in story (to discover here, there, but also here and here). Lorie Pester saluted the memory of Charlotte Valandrey on Twitter with this message: “I just heard the very sad news about Charlotte. All my thoughts are with his family.”



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