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AEW Dynamite Special Fyter Fest Results for July 13, 2022

AEW Dynamite Special Fyter Fest Results for July 13, 2022

AEW Dynamite Savannah, Georgia

Commentators are Taz, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur for the first hour. Jim Ross takes his place for the second hour.

– Tonight is AEW Dynamite special Fyter Fest week 1, the show kicks off with the Best Friends arriving for the first game. In a video earlier tonight, Trent and Chuck explain to Cassidy that he might have to tick to win. Cassidy replies that it’s not important.

TNT Championship – Singles Match

Orange Cassidy accompanied by Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta vs. Wardlow (c)

During the fight, the Best Friends pull out a chainsaw to cheat, but the referee takes the chainsaw and kicks the two backstage. Cassidy takes the opportunity for an Orange Punch, but Wardlow blocks the punch. Cassidy pushes him back down the ring and launches into a suicide jump, but Wardlow blocks him. Wardlow ducks down and finds Danhausen under the ring. Danhausen begs him not to do anything, Cassidy takes the opportunity to do his Orange Punch on Wardlow! Wardlow returns to the ring. Cassidy goes for another Punch, but Wardlow fends it off with a Bellt to Belly.

At the end of the fight, Cassidy goes for his Punch, but Wardlow catches him and gives him an F10 to cover him, but he resists two! Wardlow takes Cassidy for his Powerbomb, Cassidy wants to block him and gives him a Head Scissors to get him out of the ring. Cassidy launches a suicide jump on Wardlow and pushes him against the post. Cassidy brings him back to the ring and gets on the corner and goes for it, but Wardlow catches him, Cassidy manages to Neck Break him to push him away. Cassidy follows up with an Orange Punch and her Beach Break to cover it, but Wardlow resists with two. Cassidy goes for another Punch, but Wardlow blocks it with a Powerbomb for the three count.

Winner: Wardlow

– After the fight, Wardlow helps Cassidy up and claps her hand.

– We feature video of PAC’s first All-Atlantic title defense yesterday at AEW Dark, video and results here.

Chris Jericho arrives in the ring and takes the microphone. Jericho says he’s here tonight ahead of us, but not like Jericho, or Jericho the wizard or Jericho the sports entertainer. No, he’s here as living legend Jericho and Eddie Kingston’s superior wrestler Jericho. Jericho says he never called Kingston a liar, but he’s confused. Kingston challenged him at the Barbed Wire Deathmatch to shed his blood for his friends. Jericho says Kingston’s friendships always end. He cut Ortiz’s hair and took his dignity. Santana, he released it after Blood and Guts. Bryan Danielson, he took it out after the Arnachy Match. Then we have Ruby Soho, her friendship gives her a broken hand. She finds herself in this situation because of Kingston. Kingston should have taken better care of her. Now Kingston challenges him to the Barbed Wire Deathmatch, why? Because he’s a fan of Sabu and Terry Funk, he understands. But Kingston did not win any Barbed Wire Deathmatch. He won the first Barbed Wire Deathmatch in Canada at age 29. He tasted blood at a young age and he felt pleasure. He is as sadistic as Kingston, but Kingston underestimates him because of his accomplishments and his movie star looks. But next week Kingston is not facing Jericho, but the Painmaker ! Undefeated in AEW. So why does he accept the match? Because it’s the end, the last game in history between Jericho and Kingston. When he beats Kingston, Kingston can go back to his hole of alcohol, depression, mental problems and other excuses to cover the fact that he will never be on his level. If Kingston wants blood, he’ll get it. There will be so much blood that it will make people jealous. Kingston is not a liar, he is a loser.

– Back after the break, behind the scenes, we find Eddie Kingston. Kingston tells Jericho to bring back his Painmaker, the most violent person, but it won’t change anything. Jericho will have to pay for what he did to Ruby and Ortiz with every drop of his blood.

– William Regal takes his place with the commentators for the next match.

Singles Match

If Takeshita wins, he will have a title match.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Jon Moxley

At the end of the fight, Takeshita wants to take a hold, but Moxley blocks it with a Paradigm Shift. Moxley elbows him and wants to make another finisher, but Takeshita blocks him and gives him a German Suplex in Bridge to cover him, but Moxley resists at the last second! Takeshita picks him up for another take, but Moxley pushes him back and Paradigm Shifts him. Moxley follows up with elbow strikes and a Bulldog Choke to knock him out.

Winner: Jon Moxley via submission

– We present a video on Darby Allin’s rivalry against the House of Black. Brody King explains that he doesn’t need anything from Darby Allin, he’s seen him ride for years, now he’s going to take his place.

– Christian Cage and Luchasaurus enter the ring. Christian says there’s something bothering him about the Varsity Blonds. He’s not talking about Pillman Jr’s stupid hair, yet it works with the fools here tonight. But like Jungle Boy, Pillman Jr had a father. But Pillman Jr’s father was a legend in this business according to people, but in fact he was a normal person. He knows well that his father does not like his last contribution to the wrestling industry since it is his son. Christian says the problem with Garrison is his Jungle Boy look.

Singles Match

Griff Garrison accompanied by Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Luchasaurus accompanied by Christian Cage

At the end of the fight, Luchasaurus chokeslams Garrison, Christian demands another. Luchasaurus gives him another ChokeSlam and applies his Snare Trap to knock him out.

Winner: Luchasaurus via submission

– After the fight, Luchasaurus pushes Garrison down the ring. Pillman Jr wants to intervene, but Luchasaurus headbutts him. He lays Pillman Jr on a table and takes Garrison to ChokeSlam him and follows up with a second ChokeSlam to smash the table.

– Behind the scenes, Tony Schiavone is with the JAS to get their opinion on the Sark Cage. Menard says they’ve had their fill in terms of cages. Parker wants to know how high she can go. Schiavone says he doesn’t know. Daniel Garcia says he’s dangerous, he understands why we want to put him in a cage unlike Wheeler Yuta.

– Back, Tony Schiavone is with Adam Page to get his reaction to Brody King’s elimination at Rampage. Page says he is disappointed. John Silver and Alex Reynolds arrive. They say they’re mad and they want to launch a challenge against the House of Black for Rampage in three against three. Page agrees.

– Jim Ross takes his place with the commentators for the last hour.

Singles Match

Jake Hager vs Claudio Castagnoli

At the end of the fight, Castagnoli does his Giant Swing on Hager and follows up with a Sharpshooter, but Hager asks for help. JAS arrives ringside to distract Castagnoli and Hager takes the opportunity to STO him to cover him, but he resists. Hager wants to apply an Ankle Lock to him, but Castagnoli pushes him back and wants to resume his submission, but Paker goes back on the apron, Castagnoli hits him. Hager wants to take advantage of it, but Castagnoli blocks him with an Uppercut and gives him a Ricola Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

– Behind the scenes, HOOK is asked if he will soon have a championship match since he is undefeated. HOOK leaves without answering.

– Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Thunder Rosa to talk about his match in Japan. Rosa says she is disappointed to have lost, but at least she will come to America to face him. Now she and Toni Storm are ready to face anyone. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter arrive. Baker says they’re back, they wanted to stay away, but the women’s roster is a disaster without them. Baker says they are well aware of the dangers ThunderStorm can bring. Hayter says they know how to handle a thunderstorm.

Singles Match

Serena Deeb vs Anna Jay

At the end of the fight, Jay wants to apply a submission, but Deeb knocks her down with her Serenity Lock to knock her out.

Winner: Serena Deeb via submission

– After the fight, Deeb pursues the submission, but Mercedes Martinez arrives to push her out of the ring.

– Behind the scenes, we find the Baddies. Stokely Hathaway says he knows people are mad at him. But they will be watching Athena closely for Rampage. Kira

– Commentators announce for Rampage Friday: Greshman vs Moriarty for the ROH title, the Gunn Club will speak after betraying The Acclaimed, Private Party vs Lucha Brothers.

– Back, behind the scenes, Anna Jay is with the doctor. Tay Conti arrives and says it’s sad for his first game in months. Jay says at least she didn’t crush Ruby’s hand. Conti says maybe she should have done it for airtime. She likes Anna, she should make better choices for her career.

AEW World Tag Team Championship – 3-Way Match

Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks vs Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee vs The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) (vs)

At the end of the fight, Hobbs gets pushed back onto the referee. Nick throws a belt in the ring for Matt. Starks blocks Matt with a Superkick. Starks takes the title, but Strickland gives him a Big Boot. Matt gives him a Low Blow and hits everyone with the AEW title. Matt covers Strickland, but he resists two! The Bucks do their BTE Trigger on Strickland and Matt covers it, but Starks breaks the count. The Bucks knock Starks out of the ring. They go for their finisher, but Lee catches Nick. They knock Nick out of the ring with their punch. They then do their Powerbomb st Stomp combination on Matt to cover him, but Staks and Hobbs break the count. Hobbs does a series of Spinebusters on Lee’s body. Then, Lee launches a suicide jump on the wrestlers at the bottom of the ring. Strickland does his Double Stomp on Starks for the three count.

Winners: Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee – New Champions

– The show ends with a celebration of the new team champions.

photo credit: AEW




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