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How Google Trends reveals the new behaviors of Moroccans

How Google Trends reveals the new behaviors of Moroccans

The digital agency ATIRAO ( has published a study that analyzes search trends extracted from Google Trends, over the period from February 27 to April 20, 2020.

The coronavirus is here, what to do?

At first, we witnessed a rush of citizens to supermarkets and various grocery stores, in order to stock up on provisions and basic necessities (oil, flour, tin cans, etc.).
Secondly, several companies have adopted teleworking, a new approach for some employees, which explains the increase in searches for this query. We even note that the peak of research on “teleworking” took place before the official announcement of the confinement. This premature peak reveals an anticipation of Moroccan companies in order to ensure a good transition.


Second stage, the company organized itself to stay in contact with its collaborators. So one of the priorities for business leaders and managers was to provide their teams with the right tools in order to maintain the same rate of productivity. We have therefore noticed a real interest in professional communication tools, as well as tools that allow time management and information sharing. The flagship tools that are the most used during this period are: Skype, Microsoft Team or Zoom, which recorded an increase of +1328% in requests.

Social networks

With a total of 43.35 million phones in Morocco and 25 million Internet users, Moroccans have a significant consumption of social networks, especially WhatsApp and Facebook. The first experienced an evolution of +40% in terms of its trend because it is the means of communication par excellence among Moroccans. It is used to stay in touch with loved ones, but it is also used for professional purposes. As for the second, it has become a source of information, but also of sharing via the Lives which have greatly increased on this network. YouTube is also experiencing a sharp increase in this period of confinement with +35% of requests.


The Kingdom has taken the decision to close all schools, universities and campuses. Many schools have mobilized to provide their lessons via videoconferences. We note that Moroccans began to take an interest in distance learning from March 8, well before the announcement of confinement.

With family

With schools closed, as well as working from home, several families find themselves reunited 24 hours a day, whereas before they only spent a few moments together. There has been an increase in the level of typical “board game” requests, in particular Monopoly which recorded an increase of +354% or even coloring which allows parents to occupy their children.

Everyone in the oven

With the closure of restaurants and cafes, as well as the economic situation which forces some people to stay at home, this is an opportunity for beginners to discover cooking and, for the more experienced, to try new recipes. This is how the “Recipe” query experienced a sharp increase from March 18th. A curve that continues to increase due to the extension of confinement, but also during the month of Ramadan.


The main sectors suffering are, without a doubt, the catering and hotel industry, which are forced to close their establishments. Given the lack of visibility on the end of the pandemic and the opening of borders, Moroccans are no longer in a perspective of booking or planning vacations. Between February 27 and March 27, requests related to restaurants fell by -88% and -83% for hotels.

The sport

Unlike other countries, “sport” queries in Morocco have not experienced any variations. More than ever, the Moroccan tries to maintain his form and consumes foreign tutorials and sports sessions via lives on Facebook and Instagram or videos on Youtube. Big flop, on the other hand, for Moroccan sports halls which, instead of being present on digital and federating their customers, are unfortunately almost absent during this period.

Covid-19 Protection

Covid-19 rhymes with two words: mask and hydroalcoholic gel. If the second is used by some people in all circumstances, the first has become a mandatory barrier gesture for Moroccans since Tuesday, April 7. This explains a peak in research during this period. Queries for the “gel” peaked on March 16, then fell sharply following the availability of the product on the Moroccan market. For masks, the search becomes more precise: Moroccans are looking for these “FFP2 protective masks”.

Who pulled out of the game?

The delivery sector is the sector that has done well, so to speak. Moroccans no longer want to go out and use delivery services. We are seeing the emergence of new players in the market who are trying to take advantage of the vein. As a result, delivery has become a habit among Moroccan consumers. Apart from the issue of health protection, delivery is a time saver. Nevertheless, “brands should be able to provide them with e-commerce platforms, products delivered of good quality and as soon as possible”, judges the study.



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