Nouveau calvaire pour Kevin Durant, qui contredit ouvertement son coach !

Woj’s disturbing release about Kevin Durant!

While Kevin Durant made his trade request a few days ago, no major progress seems to have taken place on the side of Brooklyn. Guess it’s going to go on for a long time, because the Nets want to take their time. The market could be paralyzed for a few weeks.

It’s been a few days since Kevin Durant asked to leave the Nets. The franchise is not looking to retain him or Kyrie Irving. To tell the truth, it’s the whole roster that should experience significant changes in the coming weeks, but it’s the future of KD that is talking. Will the Suns and the Heat be able to close this deal? The answer is no, not immediately according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Long wait ahead for Kevin Durant?

As we know, Durantula hopes to end up on the side of Phoenix or Miami, his two favorite franchises. The latter are trying to negotiate with the Nets, but the consideration mentioned is massive. We’re talking about an All-Star player, a youngster and a shower of draft picks. According to Woj, it is to be expected that a third or even fourth team will be present in such a trade, just to facilitate all that.

The Suns and Heat are in regular contact with the Nets. But both teams probably don’t have enough to satisfy Brooklyn’s cravings right now. You will likely have to move coins elsewhere in order to bring a third or even a fourth franchise into the trade.

And as you can imagine, just adding extra teams to a trade can be quite a headache. This is even more the case since the departure of Gobert to Wolves:

I think Brooklyn is even more determined after the Rudy Gobert trade, or the Dejounte Murray trade. To see so many choices of drafts in these exchanges… If Rudy Gobert had 5 first rounds, what is Kevin Durant worth today?

The Nets will do anything to get a massive consideration, which will come as no surprise. We are talking about 5 first rounds or more, but also big players to allow the Nets to continue to dream in the years to come:

Brooklyn will try to get 4, maybe 5 first rounds, in addition to 4 trades of choice in the future. Plus, they want an All-Star caliber player. You have to look at who is available, how to make it all work, these will be very complex deals to put in place and which will take time. Kevin Durant has four years left on his contract, so count on the Nets to take their time.

Patience is required for Kevin Durant as his trade is not expected to occur for several weeks. When that happens, two teams are unlikely to be involved, especially given the demands of the Nets. A real mess, but a great talent on arrival.



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