La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, s'est jetée des fleurs en rappelant un ancien compliment adressé par le leader des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James

To everyone’s surprise, the Warriors steal a player from the Lakers!

The summer has begun in the NBA, and so have the trades. This is the case for free agency obviously, but also for the Summer League, since franchises can still modify their roster. Surprise, the Lakers lost an important player from the beginning, in favor of the Warriors. One should not appreciate in Los Angeles.

Signings and trades have been legion for a few weeks, even on the Summer League side. The Lakers, who are making an interesting journey at the moment, have been betting on their young players from the start. Scotty Pippen Jr or Max Christie are present (their highlights here), just like Mac McClung, who still hopes to prove himself to land a new NBA contract. It didn’t happen on Wednesday, but he’s just experienced a change all the same.

Surprise at the Warriors and the Lakers!

Indeed, we have just learned that number 37 will not be wearing a Lakers jersey in the coming weeks. The reason ? The Warriors decided to get him back. It probably won’t be for a place on the roster, but rather to continue showing up in the Summer League. We imagine that the Dubs want to test the player more closely, just to see if he has a place next September.

The Warriors picked up Mac McClung from the Lakers’ Summer League squad.

No more information for the moment concerning this signature, but the move has something to raise some questions. We have to believe that the Warriors want to gauge the player directly, and perhaps sign him on a two-way contract later, at least if the performance is good. The supporters are a bit mixed:

Another victory, Steph will show LeBron how to develop players.

Why are they doing this? Weird.

With 17 points in Game 1, McClung showed there was potential. It’s up to him to seize this opportunity now:

The Warriors sting a Lakers player well, even if it remains a somewhat surprising move. Whatever happens, Mac McCllung intends to prove himself, to land a contract this summer over time. It’s up to him to play now, and not to regret anything on arrival.



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