NBA Curry et leBron James

The big message from Steph Curry for the new recruit of the Lakers!

The Lakers have done a nice job recently, pilfering a player belonging to the Warriors. The person concerned also has the right to a big message signed Stephen Curry, who bade him farewell. Difficult to do more class from the quadruple champion.

After a few hours in free agency, we can say that the Lakers are quite active. If they haven’t gotten their hands on a big name yet, they are at least completing their roster in small touches, in order to expand the bench. They notably signed two players in as many minutes when the market opens! By the way, they take the opportunity to steal interesting elements from the competition, including the side of the Warriors.

Their latest recruit is Juan Toscano-Anderson, who has just been crowned NBA champion with the Californians. The interested party had a certain rating on the market, but it did not take long for the Purples and Golds to grab hold of it. While signing his contract, the winger also received a farewell message to San Francisco. In this case, it is Stephen Curry in person who dubbed him on Twitter:

Curry pays tribute to Juan Toscano-Anderson

Forever a champion, and still riding for Oakland… good luck to you my boy Juan T

This is quite remarkable on the part of the Chief, because on paper, the person concerned is not exactly what is called a taulier among the Dubs. His role has even diminished in 2021-22, as his playing time has dropped from an average of 20 minutes to just 13 per game. It was even worse in the playoffs with 3 minutes per game… and yet, the guy was very popular in the locker room, but also by the fans. It must be said that we are talking about a local child!

Indeed, if he has dual American-Mexican nationality, JTA is above all a native of Oakland. He also made his way to the NBA through the Santa Cruz Warriors, a GS-affiliated franchise in the G League. In other words, his entire career revolves around the Bay, which quickly made him a local audience darling. The fact that he was able to win the title with the Warriors before leaving therefore only embellishes his story a little more.

Juan Toscano-Anderson is now a Laker, but his name will forever be linked to the Warriors. Stephen Curry himself took it upon himself to remind everyone, proof of the lasting memory he left behind.



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